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A really, really nice logo

Posted By: Jefferson Dodge

Wow. That’s rich.

When we last wrote about the University of Colorado’s $785,000 branding/marketing study in April, the results were already nine months late. (CU’s contract with consultant Landor contained a deadline of June 30, 2009.)

Back then, despite a Boulder Weekly open records request, CU officials refused to cough up the logos and other artwork that the consultant had created, calling it “work product” that had not yet been approved by the Board of Regents.

Now it’s nine months later, and CU has finally released this long-awaited logo. We were really expecting something impressive, considering how long it took and how much money was spent. Maybe a new, intricate interlocking CU in 3-D, embossed in real gold?

Um, no. The new logo looks pretty much like the old one.

And the groundbreaking change in university nomenclature? Calling CU-Boulder the “University of Colorado Boulder.” Yes, that’s right, no hyphen, no “at,” no comma. You would have to pay even more if you actually wanted to hire people who know how to use the English language, apparently.

And one of the slogans the consultant initially proposed for CU-Boulder was “Down to earth.” Wow. Deep. That would really make kids around the country clamor to attend.

Oh sure, CU officials will bray about how no tax dollars or tuition revenue were used to pay for the project, and about all of the other great “deliverables” they got for that pricetag, like an “identity standards manual.” Ooooh. Aaaah.

The cash and time wasted on this project proves that image is everything, but it just looks bad to spend 28 months and $785,000 on this at a time when tuition continues to skyrocket and the university could be facing another deep budget cut.

As former Regent Tom Lucero put it when we interviewed him last April, “We could have used those dollars elsewhere.”

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This type of financial stupidity is rampant at CU. This is the kind of thing that happens you have too many managers. They have to come up with stupid wasteful projects to fill their time.



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