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Justice releases new video for "Civilization"

Posted By: David Accomazzo

Electronic dance music savants Justice released the music video for "Civilization," the first single from the group's forthcoming "Civilization EP," out June 6. The EP will contain remixes of the song by Mr. Oizo and The Fucking Champs, whoever that is. Mr. Oizo is 37-year-old Frenchie Quentin Dupieux, but the identity of The Fucking Champs remains unknown. And after Juarez Street Fighters ended up being The Fray, we're not assuming anything about anyone's identity.

The video, directed by Edouard Salier, is all animation, and it shows a herd somewhat disfigured zombie buffalo running through a desert wasteland filled with crumbling ruins, including a statue of Atlas hoisting the world, what could be Mt. Rushmore, a petrified ship and a giant pair of stone hands reaching up through the ground. Oh yeah, the sky has grid lines on it, making it look like a planetarium. An earthquake sends the buffalo running towards a pit of lava. It's both weird and awesome. Check it out for yourself.

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