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Intro: An artist's view from the Fringe

Posted By: Nina Rolle

Editor's Note: During the next few days, Nina Rolle, an artist and Naropa University meditation instructor, will present her unique viewpoint in the form of reviews of shows at the Boulder International Fringe Festival.

About me:
I call myself a hybrid artist. Over the past couple of decades I have worked as a theater maker, singer in a band, cabaret act, voice-over actor, choreographer, improviser, clown, cook, composer, accordionist, sit-com extra, instrument builder and director, and that's not counting the day jobs. I have recently added garden designer to the list. And I really know how to set a table.

What I've never been is a reviewer. I like reviews; I read them sometimes. I can pontificate with the best of 'em after a show, and I know how much hard work goes into a theatrical production ... so why not write it down for the blog-reading world to see? My intention in writing these reviews is to say what I see, give honest feedback to the artists, and get people to go out and revel in the creative excitement of the Boulder International Fringe Festival.

I am personally biased toward ensemble pieces as opposed to solo shows, theater as opposed to dance, extended runs as opposed to one-night events. Too much information? Just wait.

About me and the fringe:

From the moment in 2004 when David Ortolano first told me he was creating a Fringe Festival in Boulder, I was on board with this enterprise. I had moved to Boulder a few years prior from the west coast, and was jonesing for the kind of art-beauty-madness immersion that a Fringe Festival promises.

The Boulder Fringe is now in its seventh year, and I’ve been involved in some way or another every year. The first two years I performed my original show, Zen Cabaret: A Contemplative Burlesque. It was a blast, and my show was chosen to do encore performances, (what used to be called Pick of the Fringe) both years. The third year, 2007, I ran tech for Jessica Cerullo’s Miracle Tomato; in 2008 I co-directed A Brief History of Intercourse; and for the past two years I have tried my hand at sitting in the audience, an experience I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s a great way to meet people. Plus, it sparks discussion and late night philosophizing at outdoor cafes, eating calamari or duck fat fries.

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