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The Yawpers change drummers

Posted By: David Accomazzo

The Yawpers are going through some changes. Adam Perry, who provided the percussive back-beat to the acoustic guitars of Nate Cook and Jesse Parmet, is leaving the band to pursue a simpler life with his family and a 9-to-5 job.

“It’s a bummer to lose Adam, but it sort of seemed inevitable,” Cook says. "He has a beautiful young daughter, and he wanted to be home for her."

The Yawpers will debut new drummer James Hale starting April 21, Cook says.

Here's what Perry told Boulder Weekly regarding his leaving the band:

"I'm getting a Clash 'Death or Glory' tattoo this spring, so you can just listen to that song for an explanation. To be clear, though, there have been issues with shared responsibilities in the band since it began, but the bottom line is that the on-the-road days of me sleeping on floors, eating bad food, constantly being around free alcohol and raging alcoholics, not exercising and even playing for free are over. I've got a great job fighting for veterans' rights and a wonderful family, and I'm more excited about taking my 2-year-old daughter for hikes, listening to baseball with her and riding my bike in the mountains this summer than I would be about driving a mini-van around the country struggling to 'make it' with a fledgling rock 'n' roll band. When I'm around my family I know I've made it.

"That said, Nate Cook is probably the most exciting songwriter and performer Boulder has seen in this generation, and with the right work ethic the Yawpers can absolutely be up there with American groups like Deer Tick and the Heartless Bastards, if not in the realm of a bigger band like Wilco. At 26, Nate is still really young and has only recently seen what it takes to make a career of it. His old band, Ego vs. Id, was around for five years and never played outside of this area or really gained a following even locally, mostly because of they were more interested in partying and fighting with each other than doing the work necessary to get the word out about their band and get out on the road. In just a few months, I took the initiative to get us in touch with a manager, hook us up with a record deal, book us dates across Colorado and the Western states, and do the necessary work to get us great press. All things they were capable of doing in those years before I shoved my drums on stage at the No Name Bar on the Hill and forced them to let me play. Now the momentum is tangible and, with so many great songs written and so much talent between Nate and Jesse, all that's left for the Yawpers to break out of Boulder is hard work, and every day my thoughts keep coming back to John Wooden's fabled Pyramid of Success and the truth that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

"Anyway, I'll look back on my time on stage with the Yawpers with pride and happiness and look to the future with the knowledge that a successful career is theirs for the taking, because they can make it happen. I'd also love to perform with them again anytime I'm available and they're interested, but I'm sure a new drummer will want all the glory, as I would."

Perry says he will focus on his family, his job and putting his currently unused writing and literature degree to work rebooting his freelance writing career (part of said career included writing for Boulder Weekly as a freelancer before joining the Yawpers).

Perry gave the following advice to the incoming drummer:

"Honestly, the key to drumming for the Yawpers is to keep it simple and know when to be Animal from the Muppets and when to be Jim Keltner. So the only advice I'd have for someone new is to keep it simple, play with fire and not try to match Nate drink for drink or groupie for groupie. But seriously, they won't miss me at all."
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Your getting a tatoo?  Seriosly though, Adam was a big part of the Yawpers sound, he will be tough to replace, but seriously, your getting another tatoo?


I will make sure to wear long sleeves at work...



Mr. Perry's professionalism is apparent and bravo to him for knowing what real success is. The fans will miss him...



He will definitely be missed by us as well.



Good luck Adam. Catch you around Boulder.