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Listen to two new political tracks from Conor Oberst

Posted By: David Accomazzo

Politics and rock have a long and treasured relationship. But a song's content and the way the song is perceived by the masses isn't always clear; hence the clearly anti-war "Born In The U.S.A." gets played at rallies for hawkish political candidates and a band called Rage Against The Machine gets asked to write a song for a soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster (not ones to turn down money, they did write the song, but it awesomely disses the movie and its director).

So songwriters face a choice when they go political: Keep the lyrics, well, lyrical and risk your song going over the heads of your listeners, or beat them over the head with meaning and try not to come off as preachy.

Conor Oberst, the 32-year-old Bright Eyes singer, went the latter for the latest two songs he released with his band, Desaparecidos. To protest the discriminatory immigration policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., Oberst and co. have released a song called "MariKKKopa." Not exactly beating around the cactus, huh?

The song's awesome, though, revealing a surprisingly aggressive side of Oberst casual fans might not be aware of. Check out the song below. Listen to "Backsell," the band's other release, here.

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