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Thursday, December 18,2014

Trying to grok Congress and cannabis

By Leland Rucker
It’s impossible to understand the labyrinthine rhyme or reason behind any part of the Goliath spending bill passed by Congress to keep the government running another year.
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Thursday, December 18,2014


By Rob Brezsny
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Thursday, December 18,2014


By Dan Savage
One and done — and with any luck, after seeing what a big nothing peeing on someone actually is, you’ll have a change of heart and peeing on your partner will wind up on your “once in a while, if you’re good, and only after I’ve had few beers so it’s basically just hot water” list.
Thursday, December 18,2014

American agave

Tatanka American Agave stampedes into new realm for tequila drinkers

By Cody Gabbard
Tatanka is an American alternative to Mexican tequila, which uses the fermented sap of the agave plant. Agave — a large succulent not to be confused as a type of cactus — is similar in appearance to aloe with its long, flat leaves covered in spines. Blue weber agave, or Agave tequilana, is responsible for the production of tequila.
Thursday, December 18,2014

The perfect holiday spice

By Yvona Fast
Zingiber officinale initially came to us from the Far East — southern China and Malaysia. There, the root is used chiefly in savory dishes. It spread westward across Asia to Egypt and entered Europe through Greece. Both Egyptians and Greeks baked a type of gingerbread for ceremonial purposes.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Tidbites | Week of Dec. 18, 2014

Several prix fixe menus will be offered throughout Boulder on Christmas Eve. At Mateo, you can indulge in a three-course menu ($55) that starts with pickled beet and turnip salad, before a second course of panroasted Cornish hen served with confit broccoli and tomato marmalade with bacon lardons.
Thursday, December 18,2014

How to mingle

Naked Lunch packs bold flavors into classic sandwiches

By Matt Cortina
The reuben was pleasant; nothing overbearing in it, nothing too quiet. The bread was undertoasted and it was short on rye, but it held up remarkably well given a healthy amount of cole slaw (which replaced the traditional sauerkraut) and Thousand Island dressing.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Happy, little clouded

‘The Tale of Princess Kaguya’ brushes greatness

By Ryan Syrek
Writer/director Isao Takahata adapts a Japanese folktale called “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” While unsurprisingly out cutting bamboo, the Bamboo Cutter discovers a surprise inside of one stalk: a tiny fairy creature that turns into a baby. Just go with it.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Five unforgettable films from a master

‘Mike Nichols: Remembered’ rekindles work of a revolutionary

By Michael J. Casey
Nichols died earlier this year, on Nov. 19, 13 days after his 83rd birthday. Moviegoers reflected on the work the man made in his roughly 40-year career — not to mention his award-winning work on the stage and comedy routines with Elaine May.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Theater | Week of Dec. 18, 2014

St., Denver, 303-447-5977. Through Dec. 20..