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Thursday, July 30,2015

Savage Love

By Dan Savage
I have always wanted to have a girls-only sex party, but I’m not sure how I feel about actually organizing one.
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Thursday, July 30,2015

Colorado says ‘no’ to medical marijuana for post-traumatic stress

By Gavin Dahl
John Evans insists that calling post-traumatic stress a disorder is like cutting yourself and calling the blood a disorder. “It is a natural reaction to an unnatural event,” says Evans, director of support group Veterans 4 Freedom. Not only military veterans, but women who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual assault, hospice workers, EMTs, firefighters, police officers and even those affected by natural disasters can have post-traumatic stress, he believes.
Thursday, July 30,2015


An irreverent and not always accurate view of the world

First, Dr. Walter J. Palmer, the dentist in question, along with his hired guides, lured the old cat off its protected preserve. Next they shot the poor beast with a crossbow and then had to track the blood trail for 40 minutes after which they finished off Cecil the old fashion way with a bullet.
Thursday, July 30,2015


By Rob Brezsny
The donor specified that the money couldn’t be used to support transgender girls. The Girl Scouts rejected the gift, declaring their intention to empower every girl “regardless of her gender identity, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
Thursday, July 30,2015

Straight from the brewer’s mouth

Craft beer sippers to finish out summer

By Tiffany Lutke
In the summertime, people drink more beer, and we drink more session beers. Session beers could be any style, but have relatively low alcohol (usually around or below 5 percent ABV), and therefore, they make it easy to toss back a few. Many of our local breweries have been kind enough to offer up session beers for us to sip on all summer long.
Thursday, July 30,2015

The ‘it’ crop

Cauliflower is booming in Boulder County and beyond

By Noel Phillips
Growing up, outside of being the ugly, bad-tasting vegetable no one wanted on the veggie platter at parties — the one even ranch dressing couldn’t help — cauliflower was rarely seen at my house, but for one exception: fried cauliflower. In my current commitment to healthy, conscious eating and living, I cringe at the memory, but the smell of frying cauliflower remains a vivid part of my childhood. I can still hear the Fry Daddy bubbling and churning like a witches’ cauldron as my step-father dropped battered cauliflower florets into the waiting hot oil like tiny virgins being sacrificed to our appetites.
Thursday, July 30,2015

Tidbites | Week of July 30, 2015

The fundraiser will help bring in top names from the culinary and film world to the festival. One such target of the festival is Andy Ricker, the James Beard Award winner and chef of the famed Pok Pok restaurants. Ricker will appear in cohesion with the documentary Farang,.
Thursday, July 30,2015

Out there

Vern’s Place in Laporte is worth a stop on your next trip

By Matt Cortina
There is no better conversation about stuffed mountain lions than the conversation about stuffed mountain lions you have at Vern’s. If you’re headed north, it might be your first of many dining conversations about taxidermy; if you’re headed back to Boulder County, it might just be your last for a while.
Thursday, July 30,2015

Now serving number 666

Finding truth and humor in ‘Court’

By Michael J. Casey
Is there a less desirable room to be in than a courtroom? True, courtrooms are the spaces where civility and rhetoric determines the justice of actions, but entering one is like traversing Dante’s Inferno. Justice may be served, you might even come out the victor, but getting there is a laborious and Kafkaesque process.
Thursday, July 30,2015

Featherweight flick

‘Southpaw’ is vastly OK%u2028

Southpaw is a boxing movie with, dare I say, far too much boxing in it. I realize that sounds strange, but director Antoine Fuqua’s new movie isn’t very interested in its extended training montages or improbable fight scenes — and that’s not entirely a dig.