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Wednesday, November 25,2015


An irreverent and not always accurate view of the world

Donald really did see people celebrating in the streets near the Jersey Shore after a tragic event, but it was in 1991, not 2001.
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Wednesday, November 25,2015

Mainstream cannabis comes to Colorado

Celebrities bring big money and big names to a capped marijuana industry

By Sarah Haas
On Nov. 9, Colorado’s weed scene gained its capstone endorsement — Snoop Dogg launched his very own line of marijuana products including flower, chocolate bars, shatter, wax, drops and other candies. Although there is talk of other celebrities launching high-end cannabis product lines in Colorado — from Freddie Gibbs to Willie Nelson to Bob Marley’s family — the first cannabis launch and surrounding media storm goes to Snoop Dogg. Ever since he came onto the hip-hop scene in 1992 as a featured artist on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Snoop Dogg has been an advocate and unofficial spokesperson for marijuana, and his place amongst its emerging industry seems natural.
Wednesday, November 25,2015


By Dan Savage
A couple of months ago, I got candida (a fungal infection) under my foreskin. I went to the doctor, picked up some cream, and used the cream as directed. The infection went away for about a week and then returned. I got this idea that maybe the cream didn’t work the first time because it’s so naturally moist under the foreskin.
Wednesday, November 25,2015


By Rob Brezsny
Wednesday, November 25,2015

Saving Sauternes

By David White
Olivier Bernard knows Bordeaux. Born there in 1960, Bernard has spent his entire life in the region — and worked in the wine industry since 1978 when he opened a small wine shop. In 1983, he took over the operations at Domaine de Chevalier after his family purchased the historic estate in Pessac- Léognan. And he has been president of the Union des Grands Cru, the promotional body for Bordeaux’s top producers, since 2012.
Wednesday, November 25,2015

No tears

French onion soup is an in-season, underrated and homespun dish for the cold season

By Ari LeVaux
of tomatoes and corn. My friend George, a renaissance man Onions are the stepsisters of and veteran of many batches of French the kitchen, perennially improving meals and sending their glamorous siblings to the table with the support of deep, rich flavors.
Wednesday, November 25,2015

Tidbites | Week of Nov. 26, 2015

The latkes are made from the recipe of Jim Cohen, executive chef and owner of Empire Lounge and Restaurant and Pizzeria da Lupo. Unfortunately, Cohen suffered a stroke in September, but the annual latke bake will go on, and McGuckin’s is raising money to help him pay for medical and rehabilitation costs.
Wednesday, November 25,2015

Comfort food

Sherpa’s Adventurers Restaurant & Bar is comfort food in a comfortable setting

By Matt Cortina
It’s located in an old building on the far west end of Walnut. To the west of Sherpa’s is a woodsy, over-priced parking lot (you don’t have to park there to go to Sherpa’s) and then a foliage-filled view into the foothills. You’re far enough from the bustle of Broadway and the foot traffic of Pearl so it’s quiet and feels more secluded than it is.
Wednesday, November 25,2015

No music, no life

‘All Things Must Pass’; even Tower Records

By Michael J. Casey
Tower Records was once the place where many gathered to hear great new music, tell their friends about a record they just heard and, most importantly, to purchase it.
Wednesday, November 25,2015


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