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Thursday, December 22,2011

'Best of' lists are for insecure losers

Try these great albums from 2011

By Adam Perry
Boulder Weekly’s attitude toward our annual “Best Albums of the Year” column has been pretty similar, considering the opening paragraph the first three years was pretty much devoted to debunking the idea that any art can be rated. Thus, this year we’re going with a “Great Albums” theme instead. And honestly, putting the 2011 edition of this column together was more fun than previous years because of readers’ participation.
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Thursday, June 23,2011

The poetry of cinema

CU and Naropa explore the links between film and the written word

By Adam Perry
CU and Naropa faculty are putting on a symposium called "Moving Images," billed as "the first symposium of its kind, bringing scholars, filmmakers and poets together to explore the intersection of film and poetry.
Tuesday, May 31,2011

Bolder does Boulder proud

By Adam Perry
I’ve long been more a biker and hiker than a runner, and I grew up in a family that considered mowing the lawn heavy exercise, so the 33rd annual Bolder Boulder 10k was my first road race &mdash
Thursday, May 26,2011

Busting the Bailouts

America's only socialist senator took the system to task during anti-tax-cut filibuster

By Adam Perry
I don't drive, but every time I bike or walk past a gas station I can't help reflecting on the fact that the price Americans pay for one gallon of gas is literally more than Exxon Mobil Corp. pays in taxes.
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Thursday, April 21,2011

Emphasis on ‘film’

Boulder’s International Film Series celebrates 70 years

By Adam Perry
The International Film Series is a celluloid-focused Boulder institution attached to the film studies department at the University of Colorado Boulder, and it’s been going strong since 1941, when IFS began showing eclectic black-and-white 16 mm titles. With CU’s Muenzinger Auditorium as its chief venue, IFS now fills nearly every night in Boulder — skipping only summers — with exciting documentaries, unique features from around the globe, and mint-condition reels of inimitable oldies.
Monday, April 11,2011

Review: Arcade Fire at 1stBank Center

By Adam Perry
Blowing the roof off such places suits the Montreal-based collective Arcade Fire perfectly, especially as angst grows among the section of this country that wonders if “something pure can last” when reading headlines like last week’s, which included news that the House of Representatives had voted to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of the power to prevent businesses from polluting our air, earth or water.
Thursday, March 10,2011

Hello, Bali!

Naropa student collaborates with young Balinese artists on book

By Adam Perry
Flying to Bali this past September for a semester of for-credit study abroad, 24-year-old Naropa University student Jacqueline Tardie had no idea what to expect. A senior with dual majors in art and religion, Tardie didn't know the Bahasa Indonesia language or what shed be working on for her final required independent-study project.
Friday, February 18,2011

Full transcript of interview with Rep. Jared Polis

By Adam Perry
Read the full transcript of Boulder Weekly's interview with Rep. Jared Polis, in which the congressman wonders what would happen if someone drove a bus spray-painted with rainbow colors through the deep South.
Thursday, February 17,2011

Avant garde pop

Experimental punk rockers Deerhoof pursue yet another direction

By Adam Perry
'Greg is speaking for me while I am taking a break from singing between songs,' she says. 'Why not drummer speaks? Greg actually doesn't like to talk on stage but we encourage him.
Thursday, February 17,2011

An interview with the interviewer

BIFF's Ron Bostwick on what it takes to interview Chevy Chase

By Adam Perry
Ron Bostwick, the Boulder International Film Festival's executive producer of special events, grew up in Maryland and then lived in Boston, where he went to college, for about 20 years. But he's been living in Boulder for about a dozen years now and can't imagine living anywhere else.