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Thursday, August 12,2010

It’s good to see Phish again, regardless of imperfections

By Adam Perry
Monday and Tuesday, thousands of white people from all over the country gathered in the verdant splendor of Telluride to shout David Bowie’s name over and over beneath the mountains. In other words, after a much-needed five-year hiatus, the versatile, talented and amusing Vermont quartet Phish is back — and things have changed.
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Thursday, July 15,2010

What's in a video game?

Impossible to ignore, the question arises: Are they art?

By Adam Perry
At this point, presumably, none among us understands exactly what that incredible amount of time and energy did to our minds and bodies. Still, I presume you, too, can feel pretty good knowing that your childhood video-game habit didnt progress into playing Grand Theft Auto.
Thursday, July 1,2010

Charles Bukowski uncovered

New writings by your favorite dirty old man hit the shelves

By Adam Perry
In his next at-bat, the puzzled player hits a screamer off the outfield wall but fails to leave the batters box, standing curiously still until the ball is thrown in to first base at which point he walks to the locker room to face the press as the story ends.
Thursday, June 17,2010

Capturing that local flavor

By Adam Perry
A confused Che beats and disowns his son, later accepting Jesse’s homosexuality as an abberation on the condition that he never mentions it again. Even after Jesse is shot and critically wounded by a homophobic young Mission thug, Che still violently asks his son to make a choice between an openly gay life and a life without a father.
Thursday, June 10,2010

Psych-rock stars

Sleepy Sun leave their indie-rock brethren in San Francisco

By Adam Perry
Since relocating to San Francisco from Santa Cruz, Sleepy Sun has earned the praise of big-time music-media outlets like Pitchfork, played prominent festivals such as Noise Pop and the UKs All Tomorrows Parties, and toured with Arctic Monkeys.
Thursday, May 27,2010

Baseball in the summer

Two new books illuminate the nuances of the national pastime

By Adam Perry
Although the team is currently struggling just to hover near .500, not much in Colorado says summer like the Rockies.
Thursday, May 6,2010

Conan vs. Leno

By Adam Perry
Ive known Jay since 1975, and when we were first hanging around, everybody loved Jay, Letterman told told Dr. Phil when they discussed the Jay Leno/Conan OBrien controversy that captivated and entertained America a few months ago.
Thursday, April 29,2010

The (nearly) lost art of sportswriting a proud tradition soldiers on

By Adam Perry
What Mark Twain (himself a sometime-sportswriter) called 'games,' and we now call 'sports,' has captivated people from every intellectual, social and economic category in the last century and helps maintain sanity (as long as you don't think about mind-boggling modern details like $30 million-a-year contracts) in our current times.
Thursday, April 22,2010

Natural-born talent? Author sheds new light on nature-nurture debate

By Adam Perry
To the adults I met as a child, a person's capacity for achievement could be decided at around age 6 or 7 by a simple equation: genes environment, or 'nature nurture.' Given an extra dose of more expansive learning by dynamic teachers, they thought, a 'gifted' child could metaphorically grow from a caterpillar into a butterfly.
Thursday, April 15,2010

Dr. Dog is helping resurrect lo-fi rock, not like they’ll admit it

By Adam Perry
"We never expected or yearned for instant success, because it can be fleeting and it seems like it's difficult to sustain," keyboardist Zach Miller says. "I'm sure we wouldn't have tried to sabotage it had we broken [earlier] but in the meantime we worked hard and were fortunate to get a lot of great opportunities along the way.