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Tuesday, January 26,2010

Steve Earle honors Townes Van Zandt through album

By Adam Trask
Steve Earle is a singer/songwriter who holistically embodies the word, “Americana,” from his chord-forming fingers to the blood running through his veins. These days, Earle is busy with an acting career, has a new book coming out, will soon embark on recording a new album with legendary producer T-Bone Burnett, will soon become a father again and is busy touring in support of last year’s "Townes."
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Thursday, January 21,2010

Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar channel Jack Kerouac's thesis

By Adam Trask
I remember my first experience with Jack Kerouac. I was on a classic literature binge; the more risqué, the better. I was in the midst of reading everything I could afford with my mangled selection of bills and picked up a copy of On the Road. All I knew about the beat generation at that point was gleaned from an episode of Leave It to Beaver where Wally became a beatnik.
Thursday, December 17,2009

With new music on the way, Flobots' activism remains a priority

By Adam Trask
The Front Range has been plentiful in its supply of musical success stories over the past several years. The Fray effectively candy-coated radio airwaves in a transcontinental scope and, in turn, provided a steady supply of green to starving music industry wallets.