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Thursday, March 31,2011

The legalized gambling, not the children's song

Bingo spills out of the parlor and onto the stage

By Gary Zeidner
After an extremely abbreviated amount of Internet-based research, I am guessing that, unfortunately, Mr. Sheen had nothing to do with the titular modification. (Regardless, Go Team Crazy!) According to the Inter-webs, this bingo-centric play is commonly referred to as Bingo: The Winning Musical, Bingo: The Musical.
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Thursday, March 10,2011

Dropkick Murphys still going strong with latest album

By Gary Zeidner
Dropkick Murphys (DKM) are back, and their timing couldn’t be better. Their new album, Going Out In Style, dropped on March 1. As one of America’s most talented and popular Celtic-rock bands — one of the few and proud to feature bagpipes and electric guitar on most every song — Dropkick Murphys know a thing or two about their fan base. It’s no wonder the new album came out mere weeks before St. Patrick’s Day.
Thursday, March 3,2011

Just a kiss

Story about love and homophobia misses the mark

By Gary Zeidner
Putting on a play is one complicated proposition. Think about how difficult it is to coordinate with a small handful of your friends for a Saturday night jaunt to Pearl Street or (gasp!) Denver and you immediately get the idea.
Thursday, February 17,2011

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, perfidy and laughs

‘The Catch’ gets a hold of one and knocks the cover off

By Gary Zeidner
Do you enjoy plays or musicals (Sure, we all do!) but can never convince your husband, wife, lover, son, daughter, friend, co-worker or mail delivery person to join you for a show? Well, if that husband, wife, lover, son, daughter, friend, co-worker or mail delivery person is a baseball fan, you may finally be in luck because The Catch.
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Wednesday, February 16,2011

Social Distortion’s latest will anger mal-adjusted fogies, please well-adjusted ones and everyone else

By Gary Zeidner
Social Distortion’s latest, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, is a maturity test of sorts. After all, Social D has been playing its unique brand of hard luck punk rock since the early 1980s. Give any band — let alone a punk band — 30 years, and they’re either going to experience some sonic evolution or they’re going to become, at best, one-note redundancies or, at worst, idiotic self-parodies.
Thursday, January 6,2011

Good golly, Miss Dolly

Boulder’s Dinner Theatre puts on a classic and succeeds

By Gary Zeidner
Mere weeks ago candles glowed warmly in menorahs. Christmas lights twinkled on eaves and living room trees. The riotous colors of Kwanzaa accompanied the celebration of Umoja and Kuumba. Children from 1 to 92 smiled wide at unexpected presents. Families rejoiced with annual visits and lifetime traditions.
Thursday, December 16,2010

Swansea song

Miners Alley visits a Christmas of yore

By Gary Zeidner
But don't let the luxury of reserved seating keep you from arriving early and enjoying Miners Alley's comfortable lounge area complete with full bar and local art for sale.
Wednesday, November 24,2010

An anything but silent night

Christmas craziness abounds in Reckless

By Gary Zeidner
Propelled by an early, out-of-rightfield plot development too tasty to spoil here, thoroughly domestic and utterly middle-American house frau Rachel ( Julia Motyka) finds herself on the run on Christmas Eve.
Thursday, September 30,2010

What has four legs and rocks?

Cavalia canters into Denver

By Gary Zeidner
John Elway walks into a bar. The bartender asks, Why the long face? No wait. I mean, a horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, Whatll you have, Mr. Elway? Nope, thats still not it. Lets see.
Thursday, September 23,2010

Super spoofers

The Denver Center delivers a good evening of Hitchcock

By Gary Zeidner
As mentioned above, the inimitable Sam Gregory plays Hannay. Every other character comes to life thanks to Victoria Mack, Rob Nagle and Larry Paulsen. (You might guess that Mack is charged with acting every female character, but both Nagle and Paulsen get bewigged and bebosommed as well.