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Thursday, November 17,2011

A thriller in the second degree

Nothing is what it seems in Devil’s Thumb’s latest

By Gary Zeidner
Experiencing a theater company for the first time is very much like going on a blind date. High hopes compete with trepidation. The possibilities are limitless. You might discover your soul mate, or you could end up with a hefty tab and a nasty case of crabs. Thankfully, my first go around with Devil’s Thumb Productions, a relatively new Boulder troupe, was much more the former than the latter. She may not be my soul mate, but I’d definitely ask her out again.
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Monday, November 14,2011

CD review: Girl in a Coma, Exits & All the Rest

By Gary Zeidner
If you gave Girl in a Coma’s new CD, Exits & All The Rest to 10 different people, you’d likely receive in return 10 different opinions about which established female vocalist lead sing
Thursday, October 27,2011

Sight, sound, mind and mirth

Serling survives and thrives in Lafayette

By Gary Zeidner
With all the horrors that surround us daily, what a gift is laughter? The folks at the Theater Company of Lafayette (TCL) seem to know that it’s the best medicine, for they have brought forth the eighth iteration of their much-beloved tribute to one of the staples of TV’s bygone years with "Return to the Twilight Zone, A Parody."
Thursday, October 20,2011

Philately attraction

Angry people fight over stamps

By Gary Zeidner
Did you know that Mauritius is a tiny island just east of Madagascar? Neither did I. That Mauritius was the sole, native home of the now extinct Dodo bird, and that Mauritius was only the fifth country ever to issue postage stamps, were also facts that had, until now, eluded me.
Thursday, October 6,2011

Where the rubber meets the stage

A world premiere from NYC at BDT

By Gary Zeidner
Itīs human nature to want to be first. From something as simple as two friends on a morning jog to the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, people are driven to outstrip the next guy. It’s hardwired. It’s why both joggers push a wee bit harder with each passing mile until they’re sprinting the final block home.
Thursday, September 22,2011

Shades of grey

A Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Clybourne Park packs a punch

By Gary Zeidner
For that reason alone, I encourage all you overwhelmingly white, privileged, sheltered Boulderites to get out of the bubble and make the trek down to Denver for a performance of Clybourne Park. Continuing its tradition of bringing intelligent, challenging plays to the stage, the Curious Theatre Company opens its 14th season with the regional premiere of Bruce Norris’ 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning examination of racial issues both in contemporary America and in its more, er, black-and-white past.
Thursday, September 8,2011

Wrecked 'em? Damn near kilt 'em!

Jesters brings Lerner and Loewe’s classic back to Longmont

By Gary Zeidner
So, you owe me. Yes, you, the reader of this review who will not have to endure the gastronomical atrocities that I, Christ-like, have suffered for thee. Before you start flipping pages or reviewing the table of contents, this is not a restaurant review.
Thursday, July 21,2011

From Russia with laughs

Gogol joins the Shakespeare Festival

By Gary Zeidner
And make no mistake, Nikolai Gogol’s The Inspector General, presented by the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, is but a Janet and Chrissy away from that sitcom hit of the ’70s and ’80s. As with pretty much every episode of Three’s Company, The Inspector General revolves around a case of mistaken identity. The corrupt leaders of a provincial Russian community learn that an inspector general has been dispatched to their little burg.
Thursday, June 30,2011

Love kills

Romeo and Juliet filled with the angst of the irrational

By Gary Zeidner
The 54th Annual Colorado Shakespeare Festival kicked off last weekend with the ultimate tale of tragic teen love, Romeo and Juliet. The festival features four plays this year. In addition to the brawling Montagues and Capulets, the idyllic outdoor Mary Rippon Theatre also hosts The Comedy of Errors. In the indoor University Theatre, you’ll find The Little Prince, based on the existential classic by Antoine De Saint-Exupery and written by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar, as well as Nikolai Gogol’s The Inspector General.
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Monday, June 27,2011

Face to Face pens solid summer album

By Gary Zeidner
I’m not sure how I have remained completely and utterly unaware of Face To Face until now. They had a big time radio hit with “Disconnected” in 1994, which was back in the pre-iPod days of yore when I would still turn on the radio more than semi-annually. Plus, according to the Interwebs, “Disconnected” was featured in the Lori Petty opus, Tank Girl, and the last time I checked I was one of only three or four sad, misguided and maladjusted people in the entire country who have seen that movie more than once (and who will actually admit it).