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Thursday, November 18,2010

Flowers in bloom

Killers frontman goes solo

By Gene Ira Katz
After six years of almost non-stop concert tours, with more than 15 million CDs sold, Las Vegas band The Killers decided they needed a break. Their hiatus, except for an upcoming Christmas single, has provided the opportunity for their charismatic lead singer, Brandon Flowers,.
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Thursday, August 5,2010

Heaven Fest 2010

Putting the rock in ‘Rock of Ages’

By Gene Ira Katz
Gathering some 35,000 people from a half dozen Western states on a huge tract of land in Longmont and presenting 70 of the best contemporary Christian musical acts on seven stages, Heaven Fest 2010 seemed to offer many of the same features you'd...
Thursday, May 20,2010

Dead Floyd stitches together the best of both worlds

By Gene Ira Katz
Collectively, the members of Dead Floyd performed over 1,000 performances across the USA in various combinations and incarnations, through a wide variety of original music enterprises, such as The Grippe, Hot Gazpacho, The Maji, Wooleye, Holy Moses and the High Rollers, Orooni, and many others.
Thursday, April 8,2010

Cross-Collaboration: Band teams up with author for mixed-media event

By Gene Ira Katz
"[We're] bringing in [author] Peter Conners, who is a long-time collaborator, with me and other members of the band, in songwriting and [other things], and what we're going to do is take Peter's literary sense of things and throw it into the mix with the band," Weiner says.
Thursday, February 11,2010

Boulder International Film Festival 2010

Baldwin, Blythe, and the Best of the Best

By Gene Ira Katz
Front Range film lovers, this is your season. Named one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” this past summer by Movie Maker Magazine, the Boulder International Film Festival returns for its sixth annual four-day extravaganza, with 40-plus films from 18 countries, along with 31 filmmakers, panel discussions, numerous accomplished actors and one multi-award winning superstar who will be honored for a diverse body of work spanning several decades.
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Thursday, November 19,2009

Kathy Griffin is actually a gay man, and other comedic oddities

By Gene Ira Katz
About 15 minutes late in ringing my cell phone, Griffin apologizes, having just found out she had to call all the reporters herself, noting, Thats such a D-list thing to be doing. We chatted a little about her latest Bravo stand up special, Balls of Steel,.
Thursday, October 22,2009

Mountain sun keeps shining on

Brewpub throws 16th charity birthday bash

By Gene Ira Katz
Boulder’s award-winning Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery will celebrate 16 years of hoppy good times in a huge anniversary bash with The Pearl Street All-Stars, a lineup featuring high-caliber performers from the worlds of soul, funk, rock and fusion.