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Thursday, March 24,2011

Tricks for getting the most nutrients out of your food

By Julie Deardorff
The way you prepare your food can be just as important as what food you eat. Is there any point in eating broccoli, for example, if you cook the life out of its natural carcinogen killers? On the other hand, some foods, such as tomatoes, may offer more benefits when they’re cooked. Fortunately, nutrition experts know a few tricks to help you get the most nutrients out of your food.
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Thursday, September 23,2010

Take this strengthtraining book to the gym

By Julie Deardorff
The No Excuses program 11 exercises using your own body weight is designed for those who dont know where to start, are short on time, frequently travel, dont have access to equipment or have some other excuse. It can be adapted by adding a resistance band or adding hand weights.
Thursday, September 17,2009

Nutrition-conscious drawn to diet for those who can't digest wheat

By Julie Deardorff
The gluten-free diet is no picnic. So when Julie Pech put her 12-year-old son on the wheatfree eating plan, she also stopped eating the ubiquitous grain to help him make the transition.