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Thursday, January 29,2015

Can a business do well and do good?

(or even because it does good)

By Stewart Sallo
As we pass another milestone in the Boulder Weekly journey — this one with a big 21 prominently displayed — I have a confession to make about this newspaper that has never been shared with our readers: Boulder Weekly is a corporation. You read that right: a corporation. And I’m not talking about a nonprofit corporation (although, believe me, there have been times in the not-too-distant past where the term “nonprofit” would have been hitting the nail squarely on the head).
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Thursday, September 11,2014

A unifying field of dreams

The biggest question of the day was: Is there a fundamental difference between the guys in the drab Dodger grays and the guys in the colorful Giants home uniforms?

By Stewart Sallo
Aron is a distant cousin of mine from L.A. with whom I had recently become acquainted. It turns out we share a love of baseball, and when he was in Boulder recently I invited him to play a game on my fast-pitch softball team.
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Thursday, January 30,2014

BW Publisher travels back in time to talk to himself

An interview with Boulder Weekly founder Stewart Sallo

By Stewart Sallo
It sounds trite to say, but it’s astonishing how fast 20 years can fly by. And while we’re issuing platitudes, never has it been truer for me that time flies while you’re having fun.
Thursday, October 17,2013

Why the 'Weekly' makes political endorsements

By Stewart Sallo
We all need trusted, authoritative sources to help us make our decisions, and, while there is no guarantee that accessing these sources will result in a good decision being made, chances are that on the whole our decisions will work out better when they are made after careful consideration and with reliable information in hand.
Thursday, January 31,2013

The work that makes a difference

By Stewart Sallo
Over the course of almost 20 years and 1,000 editions, hundreds of talented individuals have worked for Boulder Weekly.
Thursday, July 26,2012

Jerry Garcia’s 70th

By Stewart Sallo
Every life is a story. And every story requires a soundtrack. For life is a sensual experience, and among the senses, the sounds — and, particularly, the music — that accompany life’s experiences provide a context that enriches and completes them.
Thursday, April 19,2012

4/20 smoke-screen

By Stewart Sallo
There are so many angles from which to contemplate the wrong that CU is perpetrating with respect to its tactics to end the “4/20 smokeout” that one hardly knows where to begin.
Thursday, May 19,2011

A better time, a better hero

By Stewart Sallo
But despite the strength and power that he displayed at the plate, Killebrew exemplified a humble and gentle demeanor that has been all but lost in a modern era of baseball that is rife with ill-behaved, overpaid, egomaniacal athletes. Babe Ruth was a womanizer; Mickey Mantle was an alcoholic; Pete Rose was a gambler; Barry Bonds cheated with steroids. But Harmon Killebrew was the kind of heroic role model that every 8-year-old boy needs and deserves...
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Thursday, March 31,2011

Bill Maher spends some 'real time' with Boulder Weekly

By Stewart Sallo
Have you ever pondered the question, 'Who would you most like to sit down and have a conversation with?' Most of us have a list of famous individuals with whom we would love to have a chat.
Thursday, March 24,2011

Bikes and 'boarders

By Stewart Sallo
In the interest of full disclosure, I am an avid mountain biker. I enjoy riding several times a week, weather permitting, and for me that includes temperatures as low as 40 degrees, so long as the trails are clear and rideable with no residual damage. I have been known to get up at the crack of dawn, sneak away from the office in the middle of the day or hit the trails after work, rushing home for dinner after dark to the disapproving.