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Thursday, January 7,2010

They still don't love us

By Frida Ghitis
If you thought America would quickly regain the world’s love, admiration and — most important — willingness to follow the U.S. lead once Barack Obama came to power, the news is disappointing. A useful guide to what has transpired comes from Venezuela’s president and his most peculiar sulfurometer. Hugo Chavez, it seems, can smell the devil, especially when the Prince of Darkness takes up residence in the body of an American president.
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Thursday, October 15,2009

The cold realities of a complicated conflict


By Frida Ghitis
You may expect to see squalor and desolation in the city that serves as the capital for the Palestinian Authority. Instead, you have to work your way through a bustling downtown of crowded streets and impenetrable traffic jams, complete with vibrant commerce.