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Thursday, November 13,2014

Schooled in snow

CU’s freestyle team eyes another big season

By Tom Winter
The state is known as “Ski Country USA.” It’s a place of rugged peaks, high mountains and snowy winters. So, if you’re a skier looking for a place to get educated, it’s no surprise that going to an institute of higher education in the Centennial state might be high on your list.
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Thursday, September 18,2014

Vulture lookout

Getting acquainted with critical, if a bit creepy, neighbors

By Tom Winter
In the big picture, vultures are everywhere. They are comprised of two groups, Old World vultures and New World vultures. You can watch them fly almost anyplace except the colds of the Antarctic and, surprisingly, Australia, a continent that would seem well-suited for the birds.
Thursday, August 7,2014


Exploring mountain biking’s Boulder roots in Crested Butte

By Tom Winter
We catch our first sight of the peak after traversing the very passable and amazingly scenic Kebler Pass dirt road, the back door into Crested Butte. As we enter the historic Colorado mining town, it’s impossible not to look past the restored Victorians and the funky shacks to the jagged mountain that gave this town its name.
Thursday, June 26,2014

Five Summertime Secrets

Have an adventure in your own backyard

By Tom Winter
With the summer solstice in our rearview mirror and the hottest days of July ahead of us, it’s time to take advantage of the wealth of outdoor and other cultural activities that Boulder offers.
Thursday, June 5,2014


How Banjo Billy took life by the wheel

By Tom Winter
Boulder is full of the intense, the extreme, the committed. People who climb the highest mountains and kayak the most dangerous rivers. People who jump the biggest cliff and grapple with remote rock faces. In this swirling milieu of the hardcore it’s easy to overlook John Georgis.
Thursday, May 15,2014

Gonzo swimming

By Tom Winter
New Orleans’ Lake Pontchartrain is only 12 feet deep. But that’s deep enough to drown. And you can drown there — that is, if the alligators don’t get to you first. And if the alligators do get you, you won’t have to worry about a coffin. The scraps of your flesh that they leave behind will be eaten by the bull sharks and the alligator gar: ugly prehistoric looking fish with massive jaws full of spiny teeth.
Thursday, March 20,2014

Variety is the spice of life

Want more skiing and riding options? Buy a season pass

By Tom Winter
Passes get you access to much more than a single mountain.
Thursday, March 6,2014

A good feeling

Montana inherits Colorado’s backcountry hut wisdom and hits the sweet spot for skiing

By Tom Winter
From yurts to tents to the luxury of Altoona, backcountry huts in Montana is a trend that has been inspired by the rich array of options in other states, particularly Colorado, with its famed 10th Mountain Hut system.
Thursday, January 9,2014

Chasing the big one

Joel Bettner’s Denali mission

By Tom Winter
The weather on Denali can be beautiful, with calm days and warm sunshine. However, it’s more likely that those who challenge the mountain will face howling winds, impressive snowfall and bitter cold
Thursday, January 2,2014

Four runs with the man

Vail’s top dog talks powder, work opportunities and why he still gets pumped every fall

By Tom Winter
Chris Jarnot skis like you’d expect someone who has spent nearly all of his adult life working in the ski industry does: fast, fluid, no bobbles or unnecessary movements, legs together, turns carved.