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Thursday, December 6,2012

Veterans' hiking program is about breaking through

Soldiers to Summits heads for Cotopaxi, Ecuador

By Elizabeth Miller
Before getting caught up in the destination — the 19,347-foot-high summit of the volcano Cotopaxi — it’s important to back up and look at the journey. That is, after all, what it’s really all about.
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Friday, November 23,2012

Homemade for the holidays

Local artisans meet the holiday demand

By Elizabeth Miller
Blame the Internet. Access to the World Wide Web full of ideas and a community of customers has sparked new legions of do-it-yourselfers, and made it possible for more people to make a living, or at least a side income, on jewelry, clothes, accessories and other goods they make at home.
Thursday, November 15,2012

Artist Dana Schutz: Rearranging the world

Dana Schutz’s paintings delve into a world of the uncomfortable and impossible

By Elizabeth Miller
What if, Dana Schutz asked herself, you remove the finite result from an action, the part where death would result from something like eating yourself, and the narrative of your life was freed from that inevitable end?
Thursday, November 8,2012

Betting on conservation

Great Outdoors Colorado celebrates 20 years

By Elizabeth Miller
Twenty years of wishful thinking by lottery ticket buyers all over the state has made all the rest of us winners when it comes to living in Colorado. For the last two decades, revenue from the Colorado Lottery has been used to build parks and trails, create open space and protect wildlife habitat.
Thursday, November 8,2012

Dems win pretty much everything, so now what?

By Elizabeth Miller
While President Barack Obama was still waiting for the phone call from Gov. Mitt Romney conceding the presidential race, Democrats in Colorado were celebrating victories here that make our swing state seem more like a Democratic stronghold.
Thursday, November 1,2012

Too much of a good thing

Legislation proposes to sell ‘excess’ federal lands

By Elizabeth Miller
Environmental legislation often masquerades under other banners. Few come at it as straightforwardly as H.R. 1126, the latest incarnation of legislation to require the secretary of the interior to auction off federal lands.
Friday, October 26,2012

50 years of skiing Colorado

By Elizabeth Miller
Talk to a skier who learned in the ’60s and they’ll tell stories of coaches imported from Europe to teach Americans how to tackle obstacles like moguls — knees together! — and ski edges sharp enough to shred your ski pants. Our rocker skis, wide leg stance and Gortex pants are a long ways from those experiences.
Thursday, October 25,2012

Visiting a haunting history

Photographer captures abandoned mental hospitals

By Elizabeth Miller
When people find out that Ralena Gordon spends her time photographing abandoned mental institutions, often the first question they ask is about ghosts.
Thursday, October 18,2012

Oceans studied and celebrated at second annual Making Waves

By Elizabeth Miller
The awe children have for sea life, the blissful indulgence of the beach and the intrigue of Scuba diving deep into the sea — that’s all part of the ethos feeding the second annual Making Waves ocean symposium, hosted by the Colorado Ocean Coalition on Oct. 20 and 21.
Thursday, October 18,2012

Jessica Ridgeway: Local schools respond to Jessica’s death

Officials suggest talking to kids, staying vigilant

By Elizabeth Miller
The first thing kids often ask in the face of a tragedy is, “Why?” Unfortunately, that’s the same question adults have a tough time answering.