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Thursday, November 4,2010

The new Monday night

The Cup joins downtown Boulder’s many open mics

By Mathew Klickstein
Conor O'Neill's regularly offers an open mic on Tuesday nights, Catacombs hosts one on Thursday nights, and a new weekly poetry reading is currently in the works at Tonic, with similar showcases offered throughout the year at the No-Name Bar on the Hill, the Boulder Bookstore and on the CU campus.
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Thursday, October 28,2010

Blind Café returns to Boulder

By Mathew Klickstein
Chef Marcus McCauley is a dedicated member of Rosh's team who originally hails from Pearl Street's recently closed Bimbamboo. McCauley is very proud of his Oklahoma provenance and prepares food accordingly: farm-fresh goodies that range from persimmon pudding to poached pears served in pomegranate juice.
Thursday, October 14,2010

Bart's is back

Boulder’s music store community gets a little more crowded

By Mathew Klickstein
Not content with selling records and CDs online, and freed from the contract with Value Music, Stinchcomb opened a new location this past June. His present project, as he calls it, aptly named Barts Music Shack, is a small trailer of sorts that barely covers 400 square feet of 236 Pearl St.
Thursday, September 9,2010

Growing pains

School told to sit in corner and think about what it’s done

By Mathew Klickstein
In a lawsuit filed in March, Capital Circle the company that manages the property in the park alleged that Flagstaff Academy is in chronic violation of provisions regarding parking and loading.