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Monday, July 18,2011

Boulder Blind Café’s opening night a success

Event offers an eye-opening, sightless experience

By Sara Kassabian
Dining etiquette is rewritten at the Boulder Blind Café to include one unspoken rule: Utensils are unnecessary when eating in darkness.
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Thursday, July 14,2011

Boulder disputes GQ’s style verdict

GQ magazine names Boulder one of America’s worst dressed cities

By Sara Kassabian
GQ Magazine has challenged Boulder to step up its style when ranking the city as number 40 on its list of the 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America. Many local residents disagree, instead politely telling GQ and New York City where they can put their fashion advice.
Thursday, July 14,2011

Enlightenment in darkness

Blind Café builds bridges between blind and sighted worlds

By Sara Kassabian
In many ways, Rosh Rocheleau’s life evokes a Kerouac sense of wander. While touring as a musician in Iceland, Rocheleau literally stumbled into a darkened café and found himself enlightened. “The waiters were blind, and they sent me in with a cane just by myself,” Rocheleau says. “I had to find my way in the pitch dark. "
Tuesday, July 12,2011

Crafting the craftsmen

Boulder Writing Studio teaches fine art of storytelling

By Sara Kassabian
Everyone has a story — an inkling of a narrative that starts from a life experience, or an idea that has rooted in the imagination. The Boulder Writing Studio is the first local organization devoted to teaching the mechanics of storytelling in a community setting.
Thursday, June 30,2011

Breaking through the binary

American English constrains self-expression

By Sara Kassabian
The quest for equal social and legal representation has traveled from church to courtroom and everywhere in between — but in many ways, inclusion for the LGBTQ community begins and ends with the language we use to concoct social meaning.
Monday, June 27,2011

About 100 acres engulfed by Maxwell Fire

High overnight humidity helps contain further growth

By Sara Kassabian
The Maxwell Fire in Lefthand Canyon has been 25 percent contained after high humidity helped hinder the fire’s growth, according to Boulder Office of Emergency Management officials.
Friday, June 24,2011

In age of new technologies, theater still endures

Colorado Shakespeare Festival prepares for its 54th annual season

By Sara Kassabian
For 35 years, Philip Sneed has been hearing that the theater is dying as quickly as its gray-haired audience.
Thursday, June 23,2011

Front Range funnies

Boulder Comedy Club looks to add stand-up to town’s repertoire

By Sara Kassabian
'We've known for about five years or so that a new form of nightlife, or a new form of entertainment, in Boulder could be well received,' says Matt Rushing, a CU alum and Denver local. 'So we had the idea of opening a comedy club in Boulder for a few years now.'
Thursday, June 16,2011

Brewing for wellness

Local tea business hits the spot

By Sara Kassabian
Tea can be more than just a beverage or a business. For some people it’s a tradition, a ceremony and representation of a lifelong dedication to the social promotion of wellness.
Wednesday, June 15,2011

School of Rock students learned well

Boulder, Denver School of Rock dominates Red Rocks Amphitheater

By Sara Kassabian
Looking upon the stage from the top of Red Rocks Amphitheater, I saw a rock band decked to the nines in flared pants, tie-dye and bandanas. I heard what I presumed to be an adult opening act covering classic rock favorites — it wasn’t until I reached the front row that I realized the person clad in an elaborate glam-rock outfit was Ethan, a tyke from Boulder, who tore up the mic with a swagger expected of someone who has reached double digits.