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Thursday, February 23,2012

Reality is the New Fiction

Art exhibit stresses the blurry line between perception and reality

By Krystal Baugher
Art is not just a painting on the wall anymore (though some may argue it never was). Today, what we consider art is as diverse as a subway station at rush hour. Due to the technological globalization of our world, a hybrid reality has been born—a place where the virtual and the natural blur.
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Thursday, January 12,2012

Creative co-operation

The art of keeping it local

By Krystal Baugher
What do you get when you mix Marxists, socialists and communists? A cooperative housing unit in the heart of Boulder known as Chrysalis. And what happens at coops after the collective gardening and cooking and cleaning gets done? Pure, enchanted creativity.
Thursday, November 3,2011

Surreal oddities

Donald Fodness’ art is like watching someone’s weird dream

By Krystal Baugher
Goldilocks enters the three bears’ home with an excited curiosity; she sneaks around knowing she doesn’t quite fit in, but enjoys the exploration nonetheless. That interactive narrative is exactly what University of Colorado Boulder art school alum Donald Fodness seeks from his viewers.
Thursday, October 13,2011

Bringing stencils to the studio

Amanda Marie’s work is like formal street art

By Krystal Baugher
She is not Banksy, but she is still badass. Amanda Marie Ploegsma’s first museum show — Purity & Credence — is on now at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) and there is no sign of her badass-ness slowing down.
Thursday, September 15,2011

Astroland crashes

Citing code violations, city officials shutter Boulder’s only D.I.Y. venue

By Krystal Baugher
Astroland was an all-ages art and music venue for the community to have a place to convene and exchange ideas. It was also a venue for emerging artists — one of the few in Boulder supportive of all genres of music. Whether Astroland will re-open is still in question.
Thursday, August 18,2011

Don't escape - innovate

Challenge yourself at the International Film Series

By Krystal Baugher
After a long, hard day at work, many people find themselves in front of a brightly lit screen, immersed in what they consider pure entertainment. To them, it’s a chance to let go, to forget about their troubles, to distract themselves from their boring existence on this planet. But if life sucks — for whatever reasons — perhaps instead of escape, one should look for inspiration. One way to easily and cheaply do that is through independent cinema.
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Thursday, August 11,2011

Fringe with benefits

Boulder International Fringe Festival looks at the flipside of theater

By Krystal Baugher
This year, from Aug. 17 to Aug. 28, there will be more than 350 un-juried events at 15 venues throughout Boulder and Denver. The first 25 percent of the artists are automatically approved by early-bird registration; the other shows/artists are selected by a lottery no one auditions, no one specifically decides what goes on.
Thursday, August 4,2011

Art that moves you

Jen Lewin’s ‘Light Harp’ requires participation

By Krystal Baugher
Our current society is obsessed with the visual — especially our entertainment — from film to print to contemporary art. We absorb so many images daily that we have prioritized one sense and left many of the others behind. But what about our other senses? Because it’s our era’s popular choice, most artists still seem to use sight as the main avenue to relay their messages to an audience. But not Boulder artist Jen Lewin. She wants to move you.
Thursday, July 7,2011

Shades of white

BMoCA exhibit explores diversity in the community

By Krystal Baugher
Anyone who has lived in Boulder for more than a few days has heard the term “too white,” as in, “This city is too white.” Yes, there are a lot of white people here (87 percent according to the U.S. Census), but why are large groups of white people in general bad? And would throwing in some people of color really fix the issue? Is it an issue that needs to be fixed?
Thursday, June 9,2011

Gentlemen, start your symbolism

Ryan Everson strips down familiar icons, then rebuilds them

By Krystal Baugher
He's been creating charged, yet pop culturally driven, art for more than six years. His most recent work will be showcased this Friday, June 10, at Installation Shoe Gallery in Boulder. The installation, called Rocket 88, is part of the store’s Fresh Fridays series that occurs at various times throughout the year.