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Thursday, April 5,2012

Take it to the tap

By Steve Weishampel
It’s the summer of homebrewers. Or, more accurately, it’s the summer they’re stepping out. Starting in about a week, when BRU Beer will open its first taps, three new breweries will emerge in Boulder County’s already busy beer scene.
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Thursday, March 29,2012

Looking closer at ‘local’

Business owners and entrepreneurs define, promote independent business

By Steve Weishampel
Breaking news: You’re in Boulder. Or Longmont, or Lafayette, or Nederland, or Louisville. Now that you’re aware of it, spend like it, says local entrepreneur Richard Fleming.
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Thursday, March 29,2012

Nice day for a green wedding

Ceremony can be eco-friendly without many compromises

By Steve Weishampel
For all of the pageantry of many weddings, the most important part is that little two-minute bit you can barely see where the couple exchanges rings, does a secret handshake and passes notes to each other. Or whatever it is they’re doing up there.
Thursday, March 1,2012

Local spice shop blends affordability, education

By Steve Weishampel
When Dan Hayward looks at his own store, he can see the obstacles it faces. Savory Spice Shop is tucked into the expensive-looking strip along Broadway north of Pearl Street — Hayward calls it a “destination shop” that probably looks like a fancier, more expensive option than the grocery store.
Thursday, February 16,2012

Shug’s is latest casualty in 13th Street’s revolving door

By Steve Weishampel
A band you like is playing one of the two restaurant/music venues on the 2000 block of Boulder’s 13th Street, so you fire up Google Maps to be sure of where you’re going. In the glare of a summer sun, between beer delivery trucks, you can just spot a sign outside: RedFish. Or, wait, there: b.side. Wait, no. Are you on the right block?
Thursday, February 2,2012

The second sex of sushi chefs

For women, mastering this difficult profession is only part of the story

By Steve Weishampel
Women’s hands are too warm, the argument goes, to handle the ingredients. They’d damage the raw fish. The perfume or makeup or lotion on women’s hands would ruin the salmon and tuna. Of course, these are animals that live in some of the filthiest ecosystems this side of the Death Star’s trash compactor.
Monday, January 30,2012

More stories to tell

To help save the world, underground rapper Brother Ali will keep speaking — and keep listening

By Steve Weishampel
As he prepares to release his third major album, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, Brother Ali says he’s looking for ways to change society, too.
Thursday, December 22,2011

The fascination of film

Documentary on Iraqi children captures wonder of cinema

By Steve Weishampel
In a world where the Adam Sandler fiasco Jack and Jill makes $68 million at the box office, it’s easy to forget that movies are pretty much magic. But that’s the dominant theme of a new documentary coming to Boedecker Theater Dec. 26 to Dec. 31: the magical sense of childlike wonder that cinema can evoke.
Monday, December 12,2011


By Steve Weishampel
If you’re shopping for gifts on a budget, you should know it differs from shopping for yourself: Ramen is generally not a much-appreciated present, and a card that says “Just wear the same clothes another year” in lieu of a gift doesn’t fly. But a lot of the old tricks can still serve you well.
Friday, December 9,2011

Boulder Christmas ball offers music, nostalgia

Jazz, big band featured in Saturday event

By Steve Weishampel
In his latest film, Midnight in Paris — now entering its 1 billionth month in local theaters—Woody Allen explores the lure and danger of nostalgia. Those who came out of the film wishing they could travel to the past have a chance this weekend: Boulder Elks Lodge will host its second annual 1940s-themed Big Band Christmas Ball Saturday, Dec. 10 at 6 p.m.