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Thursday, December 19,2013

The fracking/real estate conundrum continued

Oil and gas shale boom threatens mortgage markets

By Joel Dyer
To control risk, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have established rules that do not allow them to purchase home mortgages on properties that are engaged in industrial activities that deal with, among other things, the transport or storage of toxic substances such as chemicals, oil and gas products or radioactive materials.
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Thursday, December 12,2013

The fracking/real estate conundrum

Are home value declines near wells another multi-billion dollar subsidy for oil and gas industry?

By Joel Dyer
New research indicates that many of the 15.3 million Americans living within a mile of a hydraulically fractured well that’s been drilled since 2000 may have lost or be in the process of losing up to 15 percent of their property values because of fracking.
Thursday, December 5,2013

COGA lawsuits against Lafayette, Fort Collins are latest insult to citizens by a selfish industry

By Joel Dyer
Honestly, do these people have no shame? News flash, COGA: You didn’t have to sue anyone, anywhere.
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Thursday, October 31,2013

Xcel, city of Boulder disagree on significance of PUC ruling

By Joel Dyer
When it comes to its current plans to create a municipal electric utility, the City of Boulder would prefer that the new utility be allowed to provide electricity to approximately 7,000 Boulder County residents who do not live within city limits.
Thursday, October 24,2013

Time for Longmont voters to push back on disgusting 'push polls' and those they benefit

By Joel Dyer
First off, let me just warn you that I’m pretty angry about what’s going on in Longmont’s city council races.
Thursday, October 17,2013

Election Guide 2013 Intro: Serving the voters of Boulder County is our privilege

By Joel Dyer
Producing Boulder Weekly’s annual vote guide is an enlightening experience for all of us who work on this special edition.
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Thursday, October 10,2013

Flood raises questions at Rocky Flats

By Joel Dyer
Like the rest of the region, the rain started soaking into the ground at Rocky Flats on Monday, Sept. 9. By the following Wednesday night, the ground was fully saturated and the flooding began in earnest, with runoff from the hills, gullies and holding ponds at the site, filling North and South Walnut Creeks as well as Woman Creek beyond their capacities.
Thursday, September 26,2013

A good dose of art

Longmont artists open their studios to the public at just the right time

By Joel Dyer
The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. — Pablo Picasso.
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Thursday, September 19,2013

Boulder County floods: What's in the water?

A look at potential flood-related impacts on human health and the environment

By Joel Dyer
Now that the waters are slowing and the levels are in decline, it’s time to begin the difficult task of assessing the potential damage that the flooding has caused — and may yet cause — to human health and the environment, and what we can do to protect ourselves.
Thursday, September 12,2013

Vaya con Dios

Who wants to live in a world where you can’t ride your horse to Utah?

By Joel Dyer
Ellen asked me what I was thinking, and it all became clear as the words left my mouth. “I don’t want to live in a world where you can’t ride your horse to Utah.” It was exactly what I was feeling, and it had nothing to do with horses.