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Thursday, December 4,2014

Fleetwood Kodak

Legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood’s photography hits local gallery

By Amanda Moutinho
Fleetwood’s interest in photography started with his father, who was in the Royal Air Force. As a child, Fleetwood’s family traveled around the world, and he says his father was constantly taking pictures to document their trips. But it wasn’t until Fleetwood Mac started to take off that his interest grew deeper.
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Monday, December 1,2014

SeaWorld sinks deeper

Student activist encourages school to cancel field trip

By Amanda Moutinho
Eighth-grade field trips are not usually a cause of ethical dilemmas. But this year at Alexander Dawson School in Lafayette, the itinerary was questioned by 13-year-old student Phoebe Goldstein. Every spring the school offers a variety of educational trips to both domestic and international destinations.
Thursday, May 3,2012

From grades to the Gothic

A closer look at ‘Best of Boulder’ winner Hatrick Penry

By Amanda Moutinho
Balancing high school, extracurriculars and college prep is hard enough — until you throw in band practice, late shows and planning a tour. But somehow, the members of Hatrick Penry can do it all.
Thursday, April 19,2012

Black Friday for record shops

Boulder music stores gear up for Record Store Day

By Amanda Moutinho
In the age of the Internet, buying an album is about as personal as checking the weather. Gone are the days of awaiting the next release of your favorite band before buying a copy at your local music store and popping a copy into your player at home.
Thursday, April 12,2012

Nipping 4/20 in the bud

How far will CU administrators go to prevent the smoke-out?

By Amanda Moutinho
Every year during April, the University of Colorado administration warns students about the potential consequences surrounding the annual 4/20 gathering on Norlin Quad. This year, the university is upping its efforts to end the unwelcome smoke-out.
Thursday, April 5,2012

My kingdom for some Shakespeare

IFS devotes week to films inspired by the bard

By Amanda Moutinho
Whether it has robots, high school politics or rival gangs dance fighting — film adaptations of William Shakespeare’s beloved plays vary across all genres. And this week, the International Film Series is bringing you a taste of the variety with a week of Shakespeare on film.
Thursday, March 29,2012

Urban herbs

Starting small with an herb garden

By Amanda Moutinho
If a full-fledged garden sounds like too much work, consider scaling back and springing for an herb garden. Find a sunny windowsill, or plant them alongside a bigger plant and enjoy fresh herbs instead of store-bought ones.
Thursday, March 29,2012

No lawn? No problem

How to start your own apartment garden

By Amanda Moutinho
Locally grown food just got closer. If you crave the flavor of home-grown carrots or cucumbers, the taste can be yours, even if you don’t have a backyard.
Thursday, March 15,2012

Get your green on

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day — Boulder style

By Amanda Moutinho
St. Baldricks’ Day at Celestial Seasonings (4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder).
Thursday, March 15,2012

From out of the basement

West Water Outlaws play the Boulder Theater on St. Patrick’s Day

By Amanda Moutinho
When the West Water Outlaws formed two years ago, their first show wasn’t ultraglamorous. The band headlined house parties in lead singer Blake Rooker’s basement, which had wall-to-wall white carpeting that, Rooker says, got completely destroyed.