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Thursday, June 21,2012

Christopher Titus is a loser

Comedian talks ex-show, ex-wife and ex-vice presidential candidate

By Sebastian Murdock
Plenty of comics know that tragedy can make for some great comedy, but few have mastered it the way Christopher Titus has. After all, he’s got plenty of great material to work with: a dead, crazy mom; a dead, alcoholic dad; a dead marriage; and a dead television show, all which have shaped him into one of the darkest comics around.
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Thursday, June 14,2012

Confronting the past

‘Jarhead’ author discusses new memoir

By Sebastian Murdock
In his new book, Hotels, Hospitals and Jails, a memoir taking place after the success of his New York Times bestselling military memoir, Jarhead, Swofford finds himself at an impasse in his life. Despite the slew of women he sleeps with on a regular basis — oftentimes cheating on multiple “girlfriends” in the same night — and living in a plush Manhattan apartment with a window view of jutting skyscrapers and seemingly endless possibilities, Swofford quickly turns to drugs and drinking as he deals with his family issues and the toll of his war experience.
Thursday, June 7,2012

The Bard is back in Boulder

Colorado Shakespeare kicks off this week

By Sebastian Murdock
After months of deliberation, the final plays have been chosen for this year’s Colorado Shakespeare Festival, bringing together top theater directors to put on shows that will last throughout the summer months.
Thursday, May 24,2012

Evil Cheesey rides again

Local filmmakers to produce documentary about Boulder daredevil

By Sebastian Murdock
Now, two filmmakers hope to remind Boulder of the mythical man who still garners attention and fond memories from fans today. Chris Leising, a 26-year-old University of Colorado Boulder alum with a film degree, and 36-year-old Jack Hanley, currently completing his master’s in English, have taken on the task of bringing local Boulder history to life with their upcoming documentary Evil Cheesey Rides Again.