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Thursday, December 13,2012

Saving lives one net at a time

12-year-old starts nonprofit to help fight malaria in Senegal

By Hayley Proctor
In a small African village off the coast of Senegal, where medical care and supplies are scarce and disease and infection abundant, death is an all-too-familiar event. Unless you happen to be an American seventh grader who traveled there with your mother, a midwife.
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Thursday, December 6,2012

Wasting away

Why going green for the holidays matters

By Hayley Proctor
It’s no secret that with the holidays comes mass consumption of everything from gifts to food to greeting cards, which also means 1 million extra tons of waste every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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Thursday, December 6,2012

Keeping your tax dollars home

Experts say it’s better to buy in one’s own hometown

By Hayley Proctor
For every dollar spent in retail stores in Boulder, about 3.5 cents in tax revenue goes to the city to improve services for residents and businesses, including open space expansion and enhancement, road maintenance, and development of parks, trails, and recreational facilities.
Wednesday, November 21,2012

Unwelcome visitors: Invasive fish species spell trouble for Colorado waterways

By Hayley Proctor
The next time you consider ways of getting rid of a pet fish, dead or alive, know that dumping it into the nearest lake or flushing it down the toilet are not valid options.
Thursday, November 8,2012

New tequila brand brings Mexican tradition to Boulder in a bottle

By Hayley Proctor
Once there was an agave farmer whose wife happened upon a rabbit that was acting rather strange. She saw him running madly to and from an agave plant, and after closer observation, she realized the rabbit was drinking a liquid that was dripping from the plant.
Friday, October 26,2012

Outdoor events

Celebrate winter in Colorado with these fun happenings

By Hayley Proctor
Keystone Ski Area, often the leader among the bigger resorts in sending that first chair loaded with skiers and riders up the mountain, is offering up booty for its early season attendees in the form of the A51 River Run Rail Series.
Thursday, October 25,2012

Colorado speaks up in GMO debate

Support for GMO labeling initiative takes a hit in California, while an increasing number of Boulder County companies are joining the fight

By Hayley Proctor
Proposition 37 has taken center stage in the nation due to the possibility that, if the law passes, it could set the stage for other states to pass similar laws, and that includes Colorado.
Thursday, September 27,2012

Great food, great cause

Local chefs cook gourmet meal for Boulder County AIDS Project

By Hayley Proctor
If you long for the Elway-era bright blue and orange, lobby for Bill Clinton to break term limit laws or still pay for a land line, you’re in luck: At least one thing in Boulder is going back to the good old days.
Thursday, September 20,2012

A COOL debate

Lawsuit fuels arguments over country-of-origin labeling law

By Hayley Proctor
Although 95 percent of consumers agree that country-of-origin labeling for products should always be available at point of purchase on products, meat processors and producers and members of the World Trade Organization are pushing back against a law that requires them to label where meat comes from, saying it is logistically difficult and expensive.
Thursday, September 6,2012

At home with Boulder chefs

By Hayley Proctor
Chefs from some of Boulder’s most popular restaurants seem to agree that when it comes to cooking at home, the only rules required are simplicity and good, fresh ingredients.