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Thursday, September 26,2013

Edible education

Unraveling some of the mysteries of digestive health

By Meredith J. Graham
Ever feel bloated or gassy after eating? Maybe you have unexplained fatigue or muscle aches? The cure to what ails you might be as simple as taking a closer look inside your refrigerator.
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Thursday, August 1,2013

Speeding into the future

Longmont resident developing tube-travel system prototype

By Meredith J. Graham
When Daryl Oster was a young boy living on his family’s farm outside of Greeley, he used to go with his father to the salvage yard to pick up supplies. That’s where he became acquainted with pneumatic tubes — like the contraptions banks used to suck your deposit from your car to the teller’s desk.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Plight of the monarch

As with bees, butterflies decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use

By Meredith J. Graham
There are few species on this planet that inspire awe quite like the monarch butterfly. Its migration alone, which spans thousands of miles, is enough to get children interested in science and make adults appreciate the wonders of nature.
Thursday, March 28,2013

Yoga for the common folk

Local yoga teacher takes yoga to needy, low-income populations

By Meredith J. Graham
Tabitha Farrar places her hands and feet on her mat in the downward-facing dog position and releases a deep breath. When her face appears again, a smile breaks out. Her co-worker and, for the moment, yoga classmate, is squirming next to her while Ted Nugent plays in the background and the sound of glasses clinking and laughing rings out from the brewery bar in the next room.
Thursday, March 28,2013

Raw milk: A drink in the raw

Advocates tout benefits of unpasteurized milk, while health officials argue that it poses risks

By Meredith J. Graham
Mike MacKinnon leads Christie into a small room and up onto a platform, where her neck is harnessed to keep her in place. Then he grabs a clean pail, pulls up a stool and begins to milk the French Alpine dairy goat, which recently gave birth at Frog Belly Farm in Longmont.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

General: A new sense of self

Camps allow for out-of-the-box exploration

By Meredith J. Graham
Let’s face it — being a kid can be tough. Bullies like to pick on the shy kids, the geeky kids, those who carry around a few more pounds than the others. All that can take its toll on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. But that doesn’t have to be the case at camp.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Faith-Based: A familial focus on faith

Family camps offer cross-generation connections with one another and with religion

By Meredith J. Graham
As summertime approaches, Maria Shupe and her staff at Highlands Presbyterian Camps and Retreat Center begin their preparations for the throngs of children set to arrive at their picturesque property in Allenspark.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Friending off Facebook

Camps develop social skills that last a lifetime

By Meredith J. Graham
When I look back at the summers of my youth, I think of the smell of the outdoors, of canoeing and horseback riding, of archery and s’mores around a campfire with friends. In a word, I think of camp.
Thursday, February 7,2013

New kid on the mountain

Dual Snowboards inch into the winter sports scene

By Meredith J. Graham
When Liz Bailey first clipped her boots into a pair of dual snowboards two months ago, she was a little skeptical. An avid snowboarder, she wasn’t quite sure how these things on her feet would change the experience of gliding down the mountain.
Thursday, January 17,2013

Fish on the line

The search for sustainable sushi poses unique problems

By Meredith J. Graham
When it comes to fresh seafood, many of us consider sushi the grand master. But these days, with the health of the environment pushing us to make more sustainable choices when it comes to what we put into our bodies, texture and flavor are not the only criteria we use when we decide what or where to eat.