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Thursday, June 20,2013

Personal healing and preservation: An herbalist’s manifesto

One herbalist shares her story

By Abby Faires
Boulder herbalists aren’t doctors, and they don’t claim to be. Their mission is to listen to people and to educate them on options — on centuries-old remedies.
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Thursday, May 16,2013

Reflections from road royalty

As the Bolder Boulder approaches, runners recall decades of change in the sport

By Abby Faires
More than 60,000 people are expected to participate in the Bolder Boulder this year — what “may be the world’s best mass participation race in the United States,” according to Runner’s World magazine.
Thursday, May 9,2013

The gut as a second brain

Boulder naturopaths say food allergies can cause depression

By Abby Faires
We know that certain foods can affect the way we feel. But what about the way food makes us think?
Thursday, May 2,2013


Is Colorado ready for a new beetle infestation?

By Abby Faires
After suffering more than 15 years of a mountain pine beetle outbreak, Colorado’s forests are now facing another bark beetle epidemic. Last year, 183,000 acres of Colorado’s forests were infested with the spruce beetle, bringing the total acreage affected by spruce beetles to just under 1 million since the initial outbreak in 1996.
Thursday, April 18,2013

Boulder’s Best Mixologist competition takes local one sip further

By Abby Faires
“There are always these really great chefs, who are like celebrities,” says Katelin Westfall, a mixologist who will compete on behalf of Aji this year. “But bartending has a lot of the same concepts — you’re still creating something from scratch, and you’re still putting your heart into it.
Thursday, April 11,2013

Forest Service says when trees die, people die

Study explores intersections of forest health and human health

By Abby Faires
Forest Service researchers have used the emerald ash borer, a beetle that has killed more than 100 million trees in the eastern and midwestern U.S., to study the correlation between human health and forest health. They conclude that counties severely impacted by the emerald ash borer also had higher human mortality rates.
Thursday, April 11,2013

Searching for a road home

Boulder family hit hard by federal sequestration

By Abby Faires
Tucked back into the corner of a dimly lit kitchen, two boys giggle, then burst out into uncontrollable laughter. The bulb that sits atop a long, skinny floor lamp — the sole source of light for the Sigg-Brown family kitchen — is loose.
Thursday, April 4,2013

An unbalanced equation

Conference on World Affairs panelists discuss biases and the struggle for equal opportunity and equal confidence

By Abby Faires
Shortly after Ben Barres, a professor of neurobiology at Stanford University, gave a speech about his discoveries regarding nerve cells at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998, an MIT faculty member was overheard saying, “Ben Barres gave a great seminar today, but then again, his work is much better than his sister’s.”
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Educational: Life after high school

Camps foster teens’ independence

By Abby Faires
Whether it’s about living on a college campus or backpacking along the rim of the Grand Canyon, teen-focused camps aim to aid in preparation for life after high school — both in terms of academic preparation and a sense of independence that will be key as those young adults leave home.
Thursday, March 7,2013

Maca mania

New Incan superfood stirs mixed emotions in Boulder

By Abby Faires
Maca, the mighty superfood, has hit the shelves of Boulder, and it comes bearing a number of red flags.