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Thursday, October 24,2013

The horror

Music options abound for Halloween

By Stephanie Riesco
If fending off zombies sounds more appealing than hearing “Monster Mash” at another costume party, never fear: Boulder musicians have much to offer this Halloween.
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Thursday, October 10,2013

Leaning forward, staying present

'Vagina Monologues' creator Eve Ensler discusses her new play and memoir

By Stephanie Riesco
News about the near-fatal shooting of 14-year-old Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai reached Eve Ensler in a text message.
Thursday, September 26,2013

DJ Shadow at Boulder Theater: An exercise in evolution

DJ talks about life after ‘Endtroducing’ and the digital age

By Stephanie Riesco
Josh Davis, better known by his elusive moniker, DJ Shadow, has enjoyed a kind of staying power few artists experience.
Thursday, September 12,2013

Boulder's Summa: Balancing the rock equation

Local band brings equal parts indie rock and pop to Bohemian Biergarten

By Stephanie Riesco
Jake O’Neal, the front man of local indie rock outfit Summa, is neither left-brained nor right-brained. He’s both a falsetto-wielding singer-songwriter who pens lyrics charged with emotion and an electrical engineer who graduated summa cum laude from CU-Boulder last year.
Thursday, May 9,2013

Reviving the Emerald Mile

Kevin Fedarko's new book takes readers on the fastest Colorado River boat run

By Stephanie Riesco
Ten years ago, right before Kevin Fedarko’s first encounter with the watery force that barrels through the Grand Canyon, he found himself enraptured by the humble riverboat known as the dory.
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Thursday, May 2,2013

When therapy and performance collide

Playback Theatre West combines entertainment and catharsis

By Stephanie Riesco
For troupes like Playback Theatre West, audience participation isn’t about who can shout their ridiculous word loudest. Audience members are instead invited to share personal stories for actors to interpret on stage.
Thursday, April 25,2013

Danny Shafer: Keeping it simple

Danny Shafer to release latest solo effort at Planet Bluegrass show

By Stephanie Riesco
Shafer’s newest solo release, Wherever You Are, captures all of the heartfelt musings that the veteran singer-songwriter’s fans have come to anticipate.
Thursday, April 25,2013

Community collaboration

mmmmmBoulder aims to bring artists together

By Stephanie Riesco
“I really wanted to create an outlet where all of the artists could present their work all in one place and people could cross-pollinate [interests] with one another,” Bell explains. “So people who are film buffs can experience new music for the first time and people who are art lovers can discover all of the other things offered.
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Friday, April 12,2013

It’s time to get real

Truth Be Told story slam gives Boulder community a place to share stories

By Stephanie Riesco
A date takes a wrong turn and ends up in an orgy; someone spontaneously kisses a cab driver with irresistible eyes; McDonald’s serves as the backdrop for a break up; a guy decides he’d rather stay single than fall in love with a girl named Aphrodite.
Thursday, April 4,2013

Green light for Boulder band Na'an Stop

Reggae group releases new EP at the Fox Theatre

By Stephanie Riesco
The five friends who make up Na’an Stop couldn’t believe they sold out their first headlining show at the Fox Theater last January.