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Thursday, July 17,2014

Drumbeat of war grows louder

An examination of the escalating violence in Gaza from inside the Palestinian territories

By Haley Gray
When Boulder Weekly freelancer Haley Gray — who speaks fluent Arabic — told us she was going to spend a few months in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, we made arrangements for her to write a few stories. We had no idea that tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in the region would escalate to the levels we are now seeing.
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Monday, June 23,2014

Nothing but net-zero

One Boulder County residence just took energy efficiency to a new level

By Haley Gray
Boulder County’s most energy efficient home sits at 6712 Jay Road. The residence, to be completed within a year, is expected to produce 29 percent more energy than it consumes using a combination of solar, wind and geothermal systems.
Thursday, March 27,2014

Power cut

Could Colorado’s solar industry lose momentum as incentives ratchet down?

By Haley Gray
As the solar industry continues to boom nationally, Colorado could be falling behind. The National Solar Foundation found Colorado’s solar job growth to have stagnated in 2013, while 90 percent of the country saw solar job growth. The organization’s National Solar Job Census, released in February, dropped Colorado by three ranks in terms of solar jobs, though still claiming the respectable rank of nine.
Thursday, March 20,2014


Farms and shoppers connect at local CSA fair

By Haley Gray
“What I think is really cool about CSA is you sort of thrive and perish with the farmer,” says Mary Rochelle of Pastures of Plenty, a local farm north of Niwot. “You’re really tied to them.
Thursday, March 6,2014

Regulars help save Pumphouse/Red Zone from liquor license loss

By Haley Gray
One of the main reasons Longmont’s Pumphouse Brewery and its sister establishment, The Red Zone, were able to survive nearly two months without a liquor license was the outpouring of support it received from faithful customers who continued dining there despite its dry status.
Thursday, February 27,2014

Report: Fracking likely to exacerbate water shortages

Weld and Garfield counties face shortages

By Haley Gray
Both of these counties face extremely high stress in terms of water scarcity, and both have seen an intense concentration of the water-intensive hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process.