Bring back the fruitcake


A Grand Finale Patisserie is hosting the 2nd annual rally to bring back the real fruitcake on Saturday, Dec. 12, at 2 p.m. in Louisville. Join bakery workers as they march down Louisville’s Main Street handing out samples and information about real fruitcake.

“The typical old fruitcake — heavy as a brick — is the butt of many jokes around Christmas time, but traditional fruitcakes, as made in many European countries, are far moister and richer than their American coun terparts,” says Nicole Hedlund of A Grand Finale. “A well-made, traditional fruitcake is meant to be eaten. It should contain equal amounts of dried fruit, nuts, cake and brandy and is a gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone who receives it. This is what A Grande Finale Fruitcake is — decadent and delicious, and we want everyone to experience it.”