Bliss Organic Ice Cream Floats


Well, I missed it by one stinking month. I am a day late and a dollar short, or maybe two scoops short of a waffle cone is more appropriate.

July was national ice cream month, and here I am about ready to gush over some hometown Boulder deliciousness. In August. The nerve. Just trying to keep you ice cream lovers on your toes.

We can eat ice cream in August, I swear.

This week we are making some creamy concoctions with Bliss Organic Ice Cream. How about some Bliss Organic Ice Cream Floats to be exact? I am going to throw out a few ideas other than the standby root beer float, although on a hot summer day their vanilla bean with a little root beer might just fit the bill. A nice grown-up version would be the vanilla bean or ginger ice cream with some Guinness or, as I had last night, a champagne float (don’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming) with ginger ice cream and champagne. All I can do is quote Joey Lawrence and say Whoa! And for those of you who didn’t watch the top-rated sitcom Blossom, the reaction is still Whoa. You just don’t have the power of that whoa engrained in your brain (it was a very deep and moving sitcom, mind you).

Anyway, I am a personal fan of the ice cream, and the fact that it’s a Boulder product just makes it all the more appealing. The people are topnotch, and the ingredients are the best around, which makes for utter bliss from the first lick on.

The honey lavender is my favorite, although the lemon blueberry is a close second. You don’t really have to do anything with this ice cream. Right out of the pint you have one of the best treats around. I just like to shake things up a little.

Shake! There’s another great idea for the ice cream. I might never need to bake again. Five hundred ways to use Bliss Organic Ice Cream. That might just be my next book. I feel a whole lot of ice cream testing coming on. It’s good to be me. So run on down to King Soopers, Whole Foods or one of the cutest little stores around, Lucky’s Market, and pick up one of the many mouth-watering flavors today. Right now, go! Let me know your favorite flavor, and please throw in your favorite Joey Lawrence quote. Maybe I’ll treat you to a Bliss Organic pint.


Right out of the pint you have one of the best treats around.

Lemon blueberry floats

One scoop (or two) of Bliss Organic Lemon Blueberry Ice Cream, IZZE Sparkling Blueberry Soda

Honey lavender floats

One scoop (or two) of Bliss Organic Honey Lavender Ice Cream, your favorite cream soda

Ginger floats

One scoop (or two) of Bliss Organic Ginger Ice Cream, your favorite champagne

Vanilla bean floats

One scoop (or two) of Bliss Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Guinness or Root Beer

Use your favorite glass, water, wine, shake or parfait. Martini glasses work too.

Fill up glass half way with liquid.

Add in ice cream. Serve with spoon and straw. Enjoy!

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