City of Lafayette Ballot Question 2B: Yes to Growth Management Changes


City of Lafayette Ballot Question No. 2B

Residential Growth Management Restrictions



Ballot Issue 2B will allow the City Council
of Lafayette greater flexibility in the annual allocations of building
permits on residential projects. The law currently limits the number of
permits to 1,200 in a six-year period, with 200 permits allowed each

If passed, 2B
would retain the 1,200 permits limit, but would allow city council to
reallocate the permits each year to fit the needs of the city and
respond to market demands. For example, one year there may only be 50
building permits allocated, while the next year may hold 250 to allow
completion of high-density projects.

construction that appears to be taking an eternity to complete may be
due to a lack of leftover housing permits for that year, according to Lafayette Public Information Officer Debbie Wilmot.