City of Louisville Ballot Issue 2A: Yes on Open Space Tax Extension


City of Louisville Ballot Issue 2A

Open Space Sales Tax Extension



The city of Louisville currently owns and
maintains 698 acres of open space and jointly owns another 1,117 acres
of land with its neighbors, Boulder and Lafayette. To fund it, residents
and visitors to Louisville have paid a 0.375 percent sales tax since
1994. The tax was extended another 10 years in 2004, and Ballot Issue 2A
asks voters to extend the tax for yet another 10 years, which would
mean it would expire in 2024.

addition to maintenance, upkeep and trail building, the money also goes
to purchasing new property should the opportunity arise. The city has
four properties on its wish list, and the prospective purchases would
create a buffer of open space between Louisville and Lafayette and
Louisville and Broomfield.

space defines the look and reputation of Boulder County; part of what
makes Boulder County such a desirable place to live is the vast bounty
of trails and wilderness areas available to residents. On the other
hand, having more open space can drive up property values, forcing
lower-income residents into surrounding cities with cheaper costs of
living and potentially decreasing diversity within the city.

positives of open space, however, outweigh the negatives. From
promoting a healthy lifestyle to preserving the pristine mountain views
that make Colorado great, more wilderness is a plus. We think a yes vote
for 2A is the way to go.