Colorado state representative District 11: Jonathan Singer (D)

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State Representative

District 11

Jonathan Singer

Ellyn Hilliard

This is truly one of the toughest decisions we’re faced with this
year. Ellyn Hilliard is not your run-of-the-mill Republican. She’s a
holistic nutritionist who is pro-choice, pro-environment, pro-organic
and pro-civil unions. (She’s also pro-business, pro-liberty and
pro-education choice.)

taught in Waldorf schools, is a long-time proponent for “health care
freedom” and has an organic farm. Jonathan Singer, the incumbent who
was just appointed last January to replace Deb Gardner, prioritizes
education funding, health care coverage for all, government efficiency
and transparency, putting the unemployed back to work, and protecting
kids and seniors. Hilliard accuses Singer of being funded by “big
banks, pharmaceutical medicine, the pesticide industry, unions and
mercury and fluoride interests.” While Singer acknowledges he’s
received support from Wells Fargo, credit unions, labor unions and
individual doctors, we haven’t gotten a straight answer from the
Hilliard campaign about what the other allegations refer to. After
looking at his contributors, we assume the “mercury and fluoride
interests” refers to the Colorado Dental PAC that gave him money, which
is a bit over the top. We actually like many of the individuals who
donated to Singer, so while it’s a tough call, we’ll give him the
slight lean.