Court of Appeals: Retain Judge Gale T. Miller

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Court of Appeals — Gale T. Miller


Do not retain

Judge Gale T. Miller, whose background is in “complex civil litigation,” admits his faults.

Colorado Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation summary on Miller
says he “recognizes his need to improve his opinion writing,” the area
in which he scored lowest on attorney surveys. And the COJPE says he
appears to be improving in the clarity of his writing.

Judge Laurie Booras, Miller has only held a seat since 2009. He’s
become involved in important causes since then, though, joining
committees on access to legal help and public education about the law.
And overall, Miller scored well on surveys of attorneys and judges.

recommend retention for Miller, applying the same logic as with
Booras. We have a newer judge who’s showing improvement and by and
large doing well. There’s no reason to replace him with someone