Court of Appeals: Retain Judge John R. Webb

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Court of Appeals — John R. Webb


Do not retain

Finally, an appellate judge we can relate to.

We at the Boulder Weekly are
happy to see a writer in black robes. Judge John R. Webb, whose
background is in employment and commercial litigation, shows all the
qualities writers have, or wish we had.

loves deadlines (“He works hard to issue timely opinions,” the
Colorado Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation says). He’s served
on the board of editors for the Colorado Lawyer, the publication
of the Colorado Bar Association. He’s written numerous legal articles.
He’s also intelligent, if we may say so ourselves — or quote the COJPE
and say so. His opinions are clear and comprehensive.

But he’s got a few of our flaws, too.

an opinion columnist, Webb’s weakest area in the Colorado Office of
Judicial Performance Evaluation survey is “reaching issues that need not
be decided” — another way of saying that favorite conservative phrase,
“activist judges.”

We endorse Webb for retention, especially given that all appeals cases
are heard by a three-judge panel — perfect for limiting Webb’s tendency
to reach.