Regent of the University of Colorado: Stephen Ludwig (D)

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Regent of the University of Colorado—At Large

Tyler Belmont

Brian Davidson

Stephen Ludwig

Daniel Ong 

Ludwig, 45, a Democrat, was elected to his current seat on the
University of Colorado Board of Regents in November 2006. He earned his
B.A. from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1993 and
was vice chair of the Board of Regents from 2010 to 2011.

to Ludwig, one of his major accomplishments during his six-year term
was passing the guaranteed admission program for community college
transfer students, which was approved in 2010.

says he recognizes the importance of affordable higher education and
pledges to help implement policies that will help the university achieve
more efficient business operations.

want as many people to have access to affordable higher education as
possible. And I know a strong higher education system is critical to the
state’s economic well-being,” he says. “That’s why I’m running for
re-election, so I can continue to help make a difference for
individuals, families, businesses and our state.”

won his seat in 2006 by less than a percentage point over Brian
Davidson, who is once again the Republican candidate for the at-large

“I think there
is going to be a much tighter race between Republicans and Democrats in
general,” says Davidson, 35. “When I ran in 2006, it was a very
difficult year for Republican candidates.”

is a three-time graduate of CU, including a doctorate degree from the
University of Colorado School of Medicine and a master’s in business
administration from CU-Denver. Davidson currently serves as a member of
the board of directors at Denver Medical Society and is an assistant
professor of anesthesiology at the University of Colorado School of

One of the
biggest issues in this year’s regent election is tuition costs.
Davidson, who owes $130,000 in student loans from medical school, says
he believes affordability of higher education is the number one issue.

Ludwig has said he would ban guns on campus, given the opportunity,
Davidson agrees with the Colorado Supreme Court allowing guns on campus
as long as the person has a concealed carry permit.

am happy with the new policy. I think it is consistent with Colorado
law and is also safe,” he says. “My hope is that we leave it as is and
move onto issues that are more pertinent, such as higher education

Tyler Belmont,
18, a member of the American Constitution Party, is a student at Pine
Creek High School in Colorado Springs. If elected, Belmont would become
the youngest-ever regent at the University of Colorado.

Ong, a Libertarian, attended the University of Colorado and is the
upper-division physics laboratory coordinator at the Denver campus. Ong
has said he hopes to help CU increase its revenue streams and
efficiencies to control high tuition rates. One suggestion is using
potential increased revenue from legalizing and taxing marijuana to fund
higher education, according to

Davidson has solid experience that makes him well-qualified to take
this seat, the Board of Regents has not seen a Democratic majority in 32
years, and that could make for a healthy balance to the conservative
policies of CU President Bruce Benson.