Town of Superior Trustee: Williams, Gourgouris and Cirelli


Town Of Superior — Trustee

Debra Williams

Elia Gourgouris

Joseph F. Cirelli



town of Superior almost saved itself about $25,000 by not having to
hold an election for trustees this time around. That’s because the
deadline for getting your name printed on the town’s ballot came and
went without anyone throwing their hat in the ring to take on incumbent
trustees Debra Williams and Joseph Cirelli and Mayor Pro Tem Elia
Gourgouris. But then a funny thing happened.

people who hadn’t turned in their paperwork in time to get their names
on the ballot did show up in time for a second deadline that allowed
them to be declared write-in candidates. So now the three current city
officials are running against challengers Jeff Chu, a former trustee of
the town, and Steve Smith, a former president of the Rock Creek
Homeowners Association. Each of these challengers is represented by a
blank line on Superior voters’ ballots.

his part, Smith was apparently intending to run in time for the first
deadline but decided not to force the town to spend the bucks for the
election just to add his name on the ballot.

trying to save the town money is admirable, it also says that Smith
must not think his being elected as a trustee would do all that much to
alter the current debate within the community. It was only after Chu
jumped into the fray as a write-in that Smith changed his mind again and
decided to run as a write-in.

told another news outlet that Town Clerk Phyllis Hardin didn’t give
him the accurate information he needed to get his name on the ballot
the first time around. Town officials claim that all the information
needed was given out in the candidate election packets. Bottom line, if
you can’t get your name on the ballot you probably shouldn’t be
running a town. We endorse the three incumbents.