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The ol’ run’n’chug

Courtesy of Under the Sun

A new milestone in Bro-dom has been reached: California runner James Nielson set a new record in the “Beer Mile,” in which a runner runs a mile, whilst chugging. Four laps and four beers.

His time? 4:57. Ouch. And barf. We here at BW prefer our beer touring at a more leisurely pace (around 75 WPM), but apparently the beer mile is inexplicably enough of a thing that Olympian Nick Symonds recently compared the number of views for a YouTube video of his win at the 2012 Olympic trials (81,000) to the number of views of him running a beer mile (87,000) in a www. blog and came to the conclusion that beer miles, not traditional races, were his future.

“This means that the general public would rather watch me drunkenly stumble around a track than compete for a spot on our U.S. Olympic Team,” he wrote. “And if that’s what the people want, you better believe that’s what I’m going to give them.”

“Make sure you have a designated driver,” Nielson advises folks watching the video of his record-setting schlep.

See the video here: HZ-XFC5qzyM.

And though we know you probably won’t listen, it still has to be said: don’t try this at home. Instead, try it at Under the Sun.

The South Boulder locale has started a 5k fun run series on Tuesday evenings that is hosted by a different marquis athlete every week.

This week, Leadville 100-winning ultrarunner Anton Krupicka will be leading the pack.

And officially signed-up partipants get themselves a free pint. Sign-up starts at 5:30 p.m. and the runs leave at 6:15 p.m.

In less strenuous beer news that is likely to result in some of the same pained face-contortions, tickets have already sold out for Avery Brewing’s Fifth Annual SourFest.

The event on Saturday, June 7 will feature lots of experimental, puckerworthy brews that you will now have to scour Craigslist or sneak in the back door to be able to try. Better luck next year, slowpokes.

One sour beer you will be able to try at Avery without tickets is the newlyreleased, Rufus Corvis, the 19th in Avery’s barrel-aged series.

“Rufus Corvus is Avery’s largest blended sour beer to date, combining eight different beers from 40 oak barrels,” says a press release from Avery.

Sounds sourtastic. Avery also said they would be releasing at least eight more beers in the barrel program by the end of the year.

Tickets are, however, now on sale for Oskar Blues’ Burning Can Fest, which will go down Saturday, May 31 and feature tastings from 40 breweries, music from Interstate Stash Express and Anders Osborne, and a BMX competition. Tickets are $30-$45 and are available via www.

And finally, after some push from Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., the Food and Drug Administration has agreed to revisit a proposed rule change regarding “spent grains” being sold as feed for livestock. The spent grains are a byproduct of brewing and brewers have historically sold them as animal feed. According to Bennet, the proposed rule change would cut into that market, making it more likely that the large volumes of those spent grains would end up in landfills instead.

FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food and Veterinary Medicine wrote in a blog on that that was not the FDA’s intention.

“In fact, we agree with those in industry and the sustainability community that the recycling of human food by-products to animal feed contributes substantially to the efficiency and sustainability of our food system and is thus a good thing,” he wrote. “We have no intention to discourage or disrupt it.”