Brewed for summer

Upslope’s Thai Style White IPA hits in the nick of time

Wyatt Carlson | Boulder Weekly

For those of us looking to scratch that itch for a new spring and summer brew that isn’t bogged down by sweetness or fruit, the wait is over. Upslope Brewing Company has rereleased their limited summertime-only brew they call the Thai Style White IPA.

Upslope Founder Matt Cutter was inspired while out to lunch at an Asian restaurant. He thought it would be a cool idea to do Asian spices in a beer, so he collaborated with some other coworkers and employees from Denver’s Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen. The result was an IPA with Asian-inspired spices, along with a smooth, Belgian taste, that makes for a perfect warmer weather ale.

This is not the first spiced beer that Upslope has brewed, but it is the first beer they have brewed with these spices.

“It’s pretty unique as far as beer goes,” says Sam Scruby, the head brewer at Upslope Brewery in Boulder. Upslope chose to use Wit yeast because it is very receptive to spices, which are thrown in at the very end of the boil. This allows for the spices to harmonize as one flavor instead of tasting individual spices, which are highlighted by the Wit yeast. Besides adding in the spices and the Wit yeast, the brewing process is pretty similar to other Upslope IPAs. The Asian spices combined with the Belgian wheat base leaves a citrusy and fruity flavor in your mouth that is easy on the palate.

“The late kettle addition of Columbus, Cascade and Australian Galaxy hops, plus a blend of seven dif ferent Asian-inspired spices, create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind refreshment,” said a recent Upslope press release.

Put bluntly, this is not your average IPA. With such a fruity and smooth aftertaste, the hoppy flavor that can sometimes turn drinkers away is not as prominent, as in other Upslope IPAs.

“I love that beer,” says Scruby. “It’s a fun one to cook with, it’s a fun one to pair with different meals and it’s really refreshing for what it is. It’s a great summer beer.”

Coming in at a modest 6.5 percent alcohol content, especially for an IPA, the Thai Style White IPA has drinkability higher than most IPAs I have ever tried. It has reedy, grassy notes, which add a touch of earthy sweetness, with a refreshing body and finish that make it perfect for sipping on the porch or beside a river on a hot day.

“What started as a collaboration with Denver’s Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen, evolved into a tap room favorite and then became a Limited Release canned offering,” says Cutter. “Uncommon ingredients like Thai basil, ginger, lemongrass and coriander combine to give our Thai IPA its unique, but well-balanced, signature flavor.”

Cans of this unique IPA can be found exclusively inside of Upslope Mix Box 12-packs. However, Upslope will be offering stand-alone six-packs of the Thai Style White IPA later this summer. Or you can stop in to one of its taprooms in Boulder to get a fresh pour of the IPA.