Fate Brewing Company floats a summer special

Whitewater Tube Co.

Summer is officially upon us, marking three months of kicking back, maxing and relaxing all cool with a nice cold beer in hand.

Many breweries are ushering in the season with lighter summer fare, like Boulder Beer’s Hoopla, their dry-hopped festival beer. Others are planning to celebrate the season with one-off events like Avery’s Four on the Fourth 4K race, in which runners can compete before enjoying beer and breakfast burritos. And even more breweries are gearing up for the 25th Annual Colorado Brewers Festival, which will go down in Fort Collins Friday, June 27 through Sunday, June 29.

But while all that is going on, one Boulder brewery has formed an interesting partnership that will last the whole summer long.

“We’re really excited about our deal with [Whitewater Tube Co.],” says Alyssa Lundgren, brand manager for Fate Brewing Company.

The two businesses, conveniently located across the street from each other and just off Boulder Creek, have joined forces to offer a voucher to customers who visit both establishments. The vouchers, which get a discount pub plate when renting tubes or stand-up paddleboards, can be purchased at either location and brought to the other.

Everyone involved seems especially excited now that Boulder Creek has reopened.

“We should have a very long, very enjoyable tubing season,” says Trevor Melton, general manager of Whitewater Tube Co.

The creek officially reopened from high water closures Monday, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe for an inebriated tuber or kayaker.

“We don’t recommend drinking before tubing,” Melton warns. “As we say, recover at Fate and recall your adventures with friends over a good beer.”

There’s nothing legally to prevent tubing and drinking.

“It can be a safety issue,” says Officer Craig Shepherd of Boulder Police Department. “Public intoxication or open containers are the only time it’s an issue.”

To try to help with this, Whitewater Tube is also offering a shuttle service to and from the waters for a nominal charge, taking customers to slower or still waters if that’s their preference.

In addition, the voucher is good for discount food rather than drinks, specifically to encourage responsible water sports.

“That gets you a little grub to help recover your energy,” explained Melton. “It’s definitely a great aprés river experience.”

Fate certainly isn’t the only brewery looking to exploit the waters this summer. Boulder Beer partnered with Centennial Canoe last weekend to offer three days of canoeing followed by beer tasting, and this weekend they’ll be pouring at Tri Boulder at the Boulder Reservoir.

Of course, if you’re like most Boulderites and are happy to go hiking, biking and tubing on your own schedule, there’s no time like the summer to sit back, relax and enjoy any one of our great local brews.

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