Gluten-free and nationwide

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

Avery. New Belgium. Left Hand. Oskar Blues. And more. Plenty of Colorado breweries have made their mark on the national scene. And now we might be able to add one more to the list: New Planet Beer.

The Boulder-based brewery recently announced a joint venture with United States Beverage LLC, the national distributor responsible for beers like Murphy’s, Black Dog Ales, Czechvar and more, meaning New Planet Beer is about to get its shot at the big time.

What’s their elevator pitch? Glutenfree.

“New Planet Beer is amongst a few companies worldwide — and the only one in Colorado — dedicated to brewing guaranteed gluten-free craft beer for the growing community of people being diagnosed with celiac disease (CD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gluten intolerance, or for those that are choosing a gluten-free lifestyle for health or athletic performance reasons,” says the company’s website.

New Planet Beer had already been pushing into larger markets with expansions into other states and the first national release of a gluten-free brown ale in fall of last year.

Under the new partnership, New Planet Beer will continue to manage all production and finances, while United States Beverage will focus on the national marketing.

New Planet Beer is also shooting to open its new and improved Boulder tasting room in May.

But perhaps you prefer semi-famous corpses to gluten-free. If that’s the case, then you probably want to head up to Very Nice Brewing in Nederland this weekend to take part in the variety of events they have going on during the objectively strangest community festival ever, Frozen Dead Guy Days.

They’ll be tapping a fresh batch of Grandfathered In, a heavy Scottish ale.

While tossing that back and getting pissed, you can check out live music from Caribou Mountain Collective, see the live broadcast of Colorado Craft Beer Radio, get a copy of Colorado’s Top Brewers signed by its author, Emily Hutto, or take part in a doozy of a pinball tournament. Why a doozy? ’Cause like a post-stroke penguin, you only get to use the right flipper.

Events are happening both Friday, March 7, and Saturday, March 8. Get more information at www.

But if you prefer your boozin’ with both flippers, and free of the piercing gaze of a creepster corpse, one place worth hitting up this weekend is Front Range Brewing, in Lafayette.

They’ll be dropping a new Rumrunner Quad on Friday, March 7. What the heck is that, you may ask? A Belgian coffee quad made with Ethiopian coffee and aged for several months in 30-year-old Peruvian dark rum barrels. Right? We just got thirsty, too.

But if you’re fully booked this weekend, don’t worry. Front Range Brewing made a full batch of Rumrunner Quad, so it should be around for a spell.