Alec Baldwin says he’s staying on ’30 Rock’… and that the show is ending next season

none | Boulder Weekly

Alec Baldwin has been on the brink of leaving 30 Rock since basically the beginning of 30 Rock.
Playing Jack Donaghy revitalized Baldwin’s career — and helped to
define the resurrection-through-self-deprecation second-act playbook of
our modern reboot era. But the actor has regularly expressed an interest
in leaving the show — usually in the winter, which either proves that
he enjoys negotiations with NBC or that he suffers from a nasty case of
Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Most recently, Baldwin had tweeted “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time” in the context of a rant about the Today show, which had sent cameras to his apartment. However, Baldwin now tells the Associated Press that “time” is relative: He’s sticking with 30 Rock through next season.

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