‘Killzone 3’ pushes the Playstation 3 to the max

Quibian Salazar-Moreno | Boulder Weekly

When God of War 3 came out last year, it took advantage of every piece of technology embedded in the Playstation 3, making it one of the best games to ever grace the system. Now comes Killzone 3, a first-person shooter exclusively for PS3, which takes place right after the events of Killzone 2 on the planet Helghan.

The game just continues the war between the humans, known as the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance), and the Helghast, who are essentially space Nazis intent on destroying the ISA and taking over the universe … of course. The story isn’t very interesting and is very clichéd. For gamers who are motivated by story, you may find yourself questioning what the purpose of all this is.

But even with the weak story, the game is action-packed and high-paced. Even though the characters may be one-dimensional, you find yourself immersed in the throes of battle, trying to complete missions and rescue comrades injured in the field. You have a great range of weapons, including a selection of assault rifles, machine guns, pistols and sniper rifles, each with its own unique signature. There are also rocket launchers, grenade launchers and mini-guns to take out crowds of enemies, tanks and stationary gunners.

But the game isn’t just walking through the trenches blasting enemies. You get to hop on the back of vehicles and control some turrets while trying to escape enemies as well as take control of a mech to clear the way for your fellow soldiers. All of this shown in one of the PS3’s most impressive graphics outputs yet. From the action of the soldiers and tanks to the ships flying in the background, all the explosions and the post-apocalyptic environment, there haven’t been many games on the PS3 that look better.

To enhance the game play, the game also has 3-D capabilities for 3-D televisions and is also compatible with the Playstation Move motion control system. A peripheral that works with the Move system is the Sharp Shooter, a gun controller that you drop a Move controller and navigation controller into and start blasting away at your TV. It’s very reminiscent of being back in the arcade playing Area 51 or Time Crisis.

Overall, the game, which includes an addictive online multi-player mode, is a must-have for PS3 owners jonesing to go to virtual war.