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Martha Rutherford

Saturday, April 26: MMMMMBoulder. 5:30 p.m. Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut St., Boulder. $25. Tickets available at

MmmmmBoulder isn’t just the sound Godzilla would make when he mysteriously arises from Boulder Creek and takes a chomp out of Pearl St. It’s one of the city’s best running art series, with performances across multiple m’s: moves, music, movement, monologue, modern art, and, ahem, “magic.”

The team at MmmmmBoulder will be taking over The Dairy Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 26 to showcase Boulder County filmmakers Larissa Rhodes, Don Sniffin, David Partick Bashford, William Garrison, Stacey Sheers and more, along with music from Americana Martian Acres, Covex, Purple Squirrel, Lisa Bell, and dance from 3rd Law Dance/Theater. There will also be monologues and visual art from local visual and performing artists and chow courtesy of Boulder Bowls food truck and Shamane’s Bake Shop.

The annual event typically sells out, so just don’t sit around counting the m’s.