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Saturday, August 2: Lighthouse Writers Workshop hosts Boulder Story Builder, Boulder Center for Conscious Community, 1637 28th St., Boulder, 303-297-1185 

Lighthouse Writers Workshop will spend the weekend presenting an array of seminars, craft-talks and literary performances to help Boulder’s aspiring scribes class up their game.

Writers Erika Krouse and Brad Wetzler, who contribute to A-list magazines like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, GQ and Wired, will lead workshops focusing on scenes and how to bring them to life through vibrant description. Eleanor Brown will share the tips for creating unique narrators that made her novel, The Weird Sisters, a bestseller. Laura Pritchett will focus on the perfect opening sentence. Feel free to skip using “Laura” and just call her Ishmael.

There will also be a performance from Stories on Stage actors and a series of panel discussions. Get more info and a full schedule at www.lighthousewriters.org.