by Ayaz Daryl

yesterday’s main streets
all the half-
remembered somethings 
moths shuffle
across window screens 
a ray of sunshine finds 
the long lost button 
pesos in the stairwell 
of a small shop 
under the stairs 
cheap seats 
with a good view 
personal, random 
encounters of an 
unusual kind 
a worn path 
through graveyards 
grama grass nods 
with twilight’s caress 
reassurance that 
what seems invisible 
won’t stay that way 
“Oh!”, I say to myself, 
refilling the coffee cop, 
adding a splash of 
half-and-half, “oh”

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, who has been a hospice nurse and roughneck (as on oil rigs), lives in Longmont, Colorado. He is editor of Bear Creek Haiku (26 years/127 issues) and an award-winning poet with hundreds of poems published worldwide. His poetry collection haiku tumbleweeds still tumbling is at Amazon.com, and he is online at bearcreekhaiku.blogspot.com.

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