Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Anti-Gay ‘One Million Moms’ Group

none | Boulder Weekly

Ellen DeGeneres has publicly responded to the anti-gay group “One
Million Moms,” which recently called for JCPenney to remove the openly
gay talk show host as its spokesperson.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the
comedian began by deeming California’s recent decision on Proposition 8
“a step in the right direction,” but it led to her next topic: the group
who wanted her fired because she’s gay. Publicly addressing the
controversy for the first time, she said, “Normally I try not to pay
attention to my haters, but this time, I’d like to talk about it because
my haters are my motivators.” She explained that JCPenney has stood by
the partnership despite the group’s attempts to have her replaced with
someone who better represents “traditional values.” DeGeneres took the
discussion seriously, of course, but not without a few jokes along the