Is Disney’s $250 Million ‘John Carter’ the Next ‘Waterworld’?

none | Boulder Weekly

Around Hollywood, Disney’s quarter-billion-dollar 3-D epic John Carter holds a dubious renown: it’s the film with Avatar-size ambitions that’s being greeted sight-unseen as the next Ishtar.

sci-fi thriller lands in theaters March 9, and if you’ve seen the
billboards or commercials, you’d be forgiven for wondering what it’s all
about. A hunk in a leather chest harness (Taylor Kitsch of NBC’s canceled sports drama Friday Night Lights)
battles aliens in a coliseum, faces down a stampede of four-armed
beasties, and seduces a princess who resembles a va-va-voom version of
Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. Is this Gladiator meets Clash of the Titans meets Star Wars?

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