Jay-Z Confirmed Music Chief for Willow Smith ‘Annie’ Remake

photo courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Daddy Warbucks, the rumors are true: Jay-Z will be overseeing music for a remake of the musical Annie
and will contribute original tracks. That’s according to British
actress Emma Thompson, who is writing the film, as she confirmed — along
with Jay-Z’s involvement — to BBC and the U.K. Press Association. The movie is being produced by Will Smith and will star his daughter, hair-whipping Jay-Z signee and noted Odd Future fan Willow Smith.

“I think it’s a very good combination,” Thompson told the BBC. She
added that film’s management was hoping to choose a director as early as
this week. Thompson is pumped about the project, according to the Press
Association, which quotes her as saying: “I’m writing a modern version
of Annie for Willow to play, which I’m so excited about because
Jay-Z is going to do the music — oh my God I’m so modern! So I am very
thrilled about that.”

The movie will take place in present-day New York and will include
new songs, according to Thompson’s interview with the BBC. Some of the
old songs won’t make the cut, but Thompson eases any concerns that the
new Annie will leave out the old standby “Tomorrow”
— “that’s in, weirdly,” she’s quoted as saying. Filming reportedly
starts early next year, and Thompson confirms that Willow Smith will
play the title role, adding, “That’s if she doesn’t get too tall.” So we
know Willow won’t be doing any “Got Milk?” ads in the coming months.

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