Katie Holmes ‘Biggest Nightmare’ in Scientology History, Say Experts

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.com

In filing for divorce from Tom Cruise — and
apparently blindsiding him — amid indications she doesn’t want her
daughter raised a Scientologist and is seeking sole custody, Katie Holmes has made it clear that she is taking a very different tack from Nicole Kidman, who split up with Cruise in 2001.

Kidman effectively lost the two children she adopted with Cruise when
the kids chose to live with their father after the divorce. She has
said it was the kids’ decision to stay with Cruise but has never
explained why.

“With Katie, it’s like she’s taking a leaf from [Church of Scientology founder]  L. Ron Hubbard‘s own playbook,” says Marc Headley,
an ex-Scientologist who fled the church with the help of police in 2005
after years spent working closely with Cruise and his close friend,
Scientology’s powerful and feared chairman, David Miscavige. “Hubbard always said, ‘Attack, don’t defend.’ “

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